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+Phoenixshipping Stamp By Andynicole+ by AquaWolfIsis +Phoenixshipping Stamp By Andynicole+ :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 2 0 G: Kaleidoshipping Stamp by AquaWolfIsis G: Kaleidoshipping Stamp :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 4 0 G: Sparkleshipping Stamp by AquaWolfIsis G: Sparkleshipping Stamp :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 2 0 KH: Fates Tied By The Hearts by AquaWolfIsis KH: Fates Tied By The Hearts :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 13 12 MFB: Misae And Kyoya Under The Stars by AquaWolfIsis MFB: Misae And Kyoya Under The Stars :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 8 7 KH: Stay Away From Her by AquaWolfIsis KH: Stay Away From Her :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 15 8
MFB: Offensiveshipping Confession
The bey stadium was alive with the energy of beyblade fans and beybladers cheering for the two who were down at the bey dish having at match. On the right side of the bey dish was Marina Reika who was calling out to her bey Venom Hydra W145F. On the left was her opponent who was calling out to his bey. Up in the bleachers Marina’s younger siblings Sayuri and Naoko were watching her alongside their friends. They were proud that their sister had gotten stronger since the incident with Dark Nebula ended and that she was more focused as well. However one thing concerned them when it came to Marina and that was the fact that she always hung out with Reiki Sodo, an ex member of Dark Nebula. Sayuri and Naoko watched as Marina finished her match and then left the stadium. They knew where she was going even if the others didn’t. 
Meanwhile at the B-pit, Reiki was waiting for Marina to come and meet him. Ever since the two of them had met not long after Marina arrived in Metal B
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F14F22: Maverick and Raptor by AquaWolfIsis F14F22: Maverick and Raptor :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 4 4 BBT5: I am So Sorry Aquario by AquaWolfIsis BBT5: I am So Sorry Aquario :iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 4 2
Chapter 16: A Changed Future
     When they got home from Ethereal, Reynn ran to her parents and hugged them. 
"Is something wrong mommy?" Reynn asked as she looked up at her parents. 
"Everything's fine Reynn." Emily answered as she ruffled her daughter's hair. 
     Reynn smiled and went to play with the other young pack members outside. Once Reynn was outside Emily went to her's and Brett's room and sat on their bed. Brett followed Emily to their room and sat on the bed next to her after closing the door. Emily leaned against Brett and looked at the floor. 
"You going to be okay?" Brett asked as he held her right hand. 
"I'll be fine once I know Reynn will be safe." Emily answered as she gripped his hand and looked up at him. "I'm scared we won't be able to do that."
"We'll be able to protect her Emily." Brett said as he put his other hand on Emily's left cheek. "We've protected Reynn this far and we'll keep protecting her. She's our daughter after all."
:iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 0 0
Chapter 15: Discussing A Union
    It was a few days after their house got destroyed from the fight between Brett and Anubis and Emily was outside of her parents house watching Reynn play with members of both packs. She was really happy that her daughter was getting along with the other members of the packs but she couldn't help but worry as well. She smiled when Reynn ran up to her and hugged her. 
"Mommy look at what Aleu gave me." Reynn said happily holding out a necklace with two feathers as a pendant. 
"That's beautiful sweetie. It fits you perfectly." Emily said smiling as she put the necklace around her daughter's neck. "There. Right where it should be."
    Reynn smiled and snuggled up to her mother. Emily gently ran her hand over Reynn's hair as they sat on the back porch. She watched the other members of the packs that Reynn had been playing with start going into the woods for their patrols. Emily stood up and headed inside carrying Reynn who had fallen asleep in her
:iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 1 0
Chapter 14: A Worry Now Gone
     It had been a few weeks since Reynn was born and had been allowed to leave the hospital to go home with Emily. Emily and Brett had quickly adapted to being parents and were already on alert since they knew Anubis would soon be coming for their daughter. Members of the other wolf packs were also getting use to protecting the young Baine but one fact seemed to bother them and that was the fact that Reynn was already to the age where she could walk and slightly talk. Emily and Brett were slightly worried about that fact since Reynn went from aging fast to aging how they normally should age. One day Emily was outside watching Reynn play in the leaves when Scarlet joined them.
"Reynn is turning out more like you everyday. Minus her hair color." Scarlet said as she watched Reynn run up to Brett who had just returned and started playing with his daughter. 
"Yeah. But she's starting to act like me and Brett which is a good thing since she's always gonna see him as her
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Chapter 13: A New Addition To The Pack
    It's been a month since the incident with Anubis and the marks from what Anubis did to her were starting to show on her neck and arms. Emily started wearing clothes that covered the marks on her arms since she didn't want anyone to see the marks. She had also started sneaking out at night to go into the woods to be alone. Everyone soon started to notice that Emily was acting strange and it worried them. One night Brett decided to follow Emily into the woods since he wanted to know what was going on. When Emily stopped by a lake Brett decided to say something. 
"Emily. Are you alright?" Brett asked as he walked up to Emily. "You haven't exactly been yourself lately."
"I don't really know if I'm alright." Emily replied rubbing her arms. "I've been waking up feeling sick lately. I don't know what to do anymore. Anubis is gonna keep coming after me."
    Emily sat down on the ground and pulled her knees to her chest. When Emily sat down Brett noticed
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Chapter 12: Rescue Mission
    A few days after Emily recovered from her fever she went back to school with everyone else. She was happy to be back in school since she had missed a lot of her friends. She didn't really understand why Adalina was staying by her side but figured that it was for a good reason. As days passed Emily realized that more shifters were starting to show up at the school and wondered what was going on. One day while going to class Emily felt a hand run up her back causing her to freeze since she was scared.
"You sure have changed from the last time we met my dear," the owner of the hand said,"You're more beautiful than I remember."
"You're not suppose to be here Anubis," Emily said as she took a deep breath to stay calm,"You were kicked out remember."
"That's actually not true my dear," Anubis said as he turned Emily around to face him and ran his hand through her hair,"I simply left for awhile to train a certain way to make you mine. A princess needs a wealthy prince after
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Chapter 11: Shocking News
    It was the end of their month of training and Emily had convinced her brother to go home with them. The only downside was that she had to put up with Aurora the entire trip back. The four of them hadn't been in the air long when Emily's phone started going off and she saw that it was her mom.
"Hey mom," Emily said when she answered her phone.
"Hey sweetie," Ina said to her daughter,"Are you on your way home?".
"Yeah," Emily replied,"We haven't been in the air long. We'll be home in a few hours."
"Alright," Ina said,"Me and your dad will meet you guys at the airport."
    With that said they hung up and Emily put her phone up. Emily leaned back in the seat and sighed as she ran a hand through her hair. She knew that her mom was just worried about her getting home safely. She also knew that her parents would be happy to see Eren again. As the day went on Emily fell asleep while she was looking out the window. Eren watched his sister sleep and was worried
:iconaquawolfisis:AquaWolfIsis 0 0
Chapter 10: Source Of True Power
    Over the next few days Emily stayed in her room since she had started to feel worse. Eren and Brett were really worried about Emily since she had never stayed in her room for more than a day before. Emily eventually got to the point where she couldn't get out of bed due to how sick she was.
"Do either of you know why Emily's so sick?," Aurora asked.
"No we don't," Eren replied.
"It could be because she's not use to being here in the Netherlands," Brett said.
"Now that I think about it the same thing happened 10 years ago when we came here," Eren explained,"She was sick for two weeks before she got better."
"As long as she gets better that's what matters," Aurora said.
    Brett hoped that Eren was right and Emily would feel better in two weeks. After a while Eren went to check on Emily to see how she was feeling. When he walked into his sister's room he saw Emily sitting by the window with her blanket around her.
"What are you doing out of bed?," Eren
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So ever since E3 yielded more info concerning Kingdom Hearts 3. Including a release date. I have been in the mood to work on Kingdom Hearts things. The main thing for the fandom being my story Kingdom Hearts: Melodious Darkness. I've been editing somethings for it and currently have chapters 1-6 done. But before I start work on chapter 7, I'm tossing an offer out for anyone with a Kingdom Hearts oc. I'm looking to add two to four other ocs into my story asides from my KH oc Mizuki who the story revolves around. So if you're interested then comment on this journal with a refernce and info on your oc or send it to me via note. 

Now on to what has been going on with my commissions. I am working on them but it's a slow process due to everything I have going on irl still. The main thing being that my grandmother gave me the deadline of the end of July to get a job by. So most of my time is occupied by filling out job applications and whatever free time I have I spread between working on my commissions and the story above. So to those who have commissioned me, I have not forgotten about the commissions. I'm just really busy due to the new deadline that I have to get a job by is all. But I will get them done soon. And I'll aim to get them done before the end of July if I can.


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DeviantID by UmaYorokobi . I just linearted it and colored it.

My name is Alue Nightshade but I also go by Marina, Aqua, or Raptor(although this is usually just irl). I've been part of DA for a good amount of time and this is my third main account. The other two are no longer active. I've had my fair deal of problems while being here and I am currently working on fixing them. And so far I think I'm doing good in terms of fixing things. I'm currently within my last few weeks of college and will be getting my license to be an aviation mechanic. Anyways, my main fandoms right now are Beyblade, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and Young Justice. I'm also currently working on two original writings along with a bunch of Beyblade fanfics right now. They can all be found on Wattpad currently since I only have the chapter of one of my original stories up on here so far.

A few facts about me I can share are that I'm part Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Blackfoot Indian, and Cherokee Indian. My regular zodiac sign is Gemini while my Chinese zodiac is the Ox. In Pokemon Go I'm part of Team Mystic and in Kingdom Hearts Unin X I'm a member of the Anguis union.

Places To Find Me:
Tumblr Icon by poserfan starlightskuld(Kingdom Hearts Union X Rp blog I'm usually on)
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