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I got a tumblr for some reason. Not sure what direction I'll go with it yet.
Someone plagiarized a couple of my old fan poems. So not amused. Reported them. ARGH.
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I've recently created a community on Livejournal for fans of the author Karen Miller (who wrote Empress, The Innocent Mage, and others) to discuss her works and post fanworks of their own. If you're interested in joining, click here to check it out.
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Yay!  Finally!  New art incoming later in the week.
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...between my inspiration and my finances.  I have plenty of new drawings to post, but no scanner.  I'm in the mood to make more beads, but no propylene.  My shop is being used for storage, so no ceramics or silverwork.  My screenshot art tends to generate trollage, and I'm not in a poetry or crochet mood.  Probably not much'll happen here until I deal with one of these roadblocks.
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Take a photo of the stepping stone! a function I never use, but apparently there's a button alongside most deviations that does it.  So like, what happens if you accidentally do?  I was clicking to close another window and just requested a print on some random deviation.  Eek.
If you're a fan, go check this out:

If enough people participate, it'll be really interesting.

EDIT: Okay, apparently the DA journal doesn't like HTML.  Bleh.
Recently I took a one-day (well, more like 5-hour) course on making glass beads.  I had a blast!  I'm buying a kit, a tank, and everything, so I can make more.  I think the process appeals to me because it's as detailed as working with finer metal, and less hassle than kiln firing ceramics.  Good combination of ease and complexity.
When I was little, I loved tracing my hand and drawings crazy rings and bracelets all over it.  Somehow, I never quite stopped, although the rings and bracelets turned into symbols, letters, and random aura-like color patterns.  I also did a series of the traced hands of friends and family.  I'll be posting them here - as many as I can find and that fit on the scanner.  There are several drawings that are far too large to scan (including a 3' by 4' one), but perhaps I can get good photos of them sometime later.
After a year and a half of waiting, I'll finally be getting my kiln soon!  Now I can finally do something with this spare 150 lbs of white stoneware sitting on my back porch...

I'm pondering whether to mix my own glaze or buy premade stuff.  I really liked my little mad scientist moments mixing components, even considering the hassle.  I wonder how expensive cobalt is?  Time for some research, methinks.
Been on a faving rampage of DEWM recently (heh, is the theme that obvious?).  I knew there were loads of talented people on DA, but wow.  The search function is seeming more and more worth paying for.

My semester's coming to a close soon, so hopefully I can start adding new stuff, as opposed to the older screenshot art I'm digging up.
A while back, they added a specific section for jewelry.  I really need to go back and resubmit all my jewelry pieces that are listed under metal sculpture.  Ah well, I'll get around to it eventually.
In my short active time here thus far, I've proudly put up a lot of finished pieces.  I appreciate the comments I've recieved.

During this time, I've also put up a few notable scraps.  Just a few minutes ago, I put up an unfinished story about my main character on EverQuest I.  I don't play the game much anymore, but I love the character I created.  She has become bigger than the virtual world that spawned her.  I'm very pleased with what I have of the story so far, but it has taken me about 2 years to write a relatively small amount.  I hesitate.  I really like how it has turned out so far, and I don't want to take it in the wrong direction.

If you get the chance, please peruse my scraps.  Advanced critique is welcome, especially on the story.
A long while back (October 4th of 2002, to be exact), I set up a DA account.  It sat around, empty and unused, for a little over 2 years.

Fastforward to late December of 2004.  A friend posts a link to her DA gallery in her journal, and I am reminded!  Since 2002, lots of metalwork and sculpture have happened, and now I feel I have enough to put up a decent gallery.

Hope you enjoy browsing my artwork.  Happy New Year!