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Rainbow Dash Generations
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Published: August 13, 2012
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G4 Style Generations: Some matched on Cutie Mark, Colors, Name, Personality, etc.

Firefly, Patch, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash! Wouldn't they be just the best of friends! Enjoy guys! Rainbow Dash's first thought "Finally some competition! Awesome! Wait except that Pastel Rainbow Dash... she should just watch! My new friends are 20% cooler!"

I recolored others vectors, I do not own these molds, this is just for fun!
Background: [link]
Molds: [link] [link] [link] [link]

Twilight Sparkle: [link]
Fluttershy: [link]
Pinkie Pie: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Rainbow Dash: You're on it!
Applejack: [link]
Applejack II: [link]
Fluttershy II: [link]
Twilight Sparkle II: [link]
Rainbow Dash II: [link]
Pinkie Pie II: [link]
Rarity II: [link]
Spike: [link]
Bon Bon & Lyra: [link]
Princess Luna: [link]
Derpy Hooves: [link]
Princess Celestia: [link]
Spike II: [link]
Big Macintosh: [link]
CMC: [link]
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Rainbow Dash you’re being replaced You can go home and sit down and watch TV
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Just dropping by to say that some Aliexpress seller liked your Patch a lot and made her into...a patch!

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Continued from the Rarity Generations Page.
Cloudsdale, Mid-Season 6
G4 RD: Sweet Celestia, what WAS all that back there? I can understand Scootaloo coming to me for help, but Spitfire too?! AND they were both there regarding the EXACT SAME THING: strange ponies suddenly showing up around Cloudsdale Stadium! Although, if it's just ponies, then I doubt it could be that weird. I mean, what, do they all look like me? Are a couple of them Earth Ponies? Ahahaha, yeah, right! The odds of either of those happening are like a trillion to one! (Turns, only to find 3 strangely familiar ponies, 2 of whom are Earth Ponies) Then again, I did get a C- in almost every math class I ever took.
Firefly: Huh? Oh, hi there! Are you a citizen here? I'm Firefly, it's nice to meet you!
G4 RD: Oh, uh, well, yeah, I used to- wait... that mane... that coat... that cutie mark... and you said your name was... FIREFLY?!?! (gasp) Oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-I'm-talking-to-THE-General-Firefly-this-is-so-awesome! Uh, *ahem* I mean, yeah, I used to live around here, but I moved a while ago. I'm Rainbow Dash, and let me just say I'm a big fan of your work!
G3 RD: Oh, my goodness! Did you call yourself Rainbow Dash, Darling? Why, that's MY name as well! How peculiar, I say!
Patch: Agreed. That is definitely weird. Oh, and I'm Patch, by the way! A pleasure to meet you! Although, I gotta say, I find it weird that you know who Firefly is. I'm gonna guess that she's popular in this town?
G4 RD: POPULAR?! Heh, Firefly is more than just popular, Patch. She was incredibly important to the whole nation! Thanks to her, Equestria was gifted with the greatest flying team and aerial army group, the WONDERBOLTS!!!
Firefly: Woah, woah, woah, slow down, kid! I don't remember any sort of army stuff or 'wonder bolts' whatsoever! I think you're mistaking me for someone else.
G4 RD: WHAT!? But that can't be right! Man, now I know why Spitfire and Scootaloo were calling this whole situation strange!
G3 RD: Huh? I say, Darling, what are you talking about? And for that matter, WHO are you talking about?
G4 RD: Oh, well, earlier today, I was visited by my #1 fan and honorary little sister Scootaloo, as well as current Wonderbolt captain Spitfire. They were telling me to come by the Cloudsdale Stadium because there were strange ponies out by there. I didn't actually know why they were asking ME, of all ponies, but I decided to check it out anyway. And now, I honestly couldn't agree more with them! I mean, come on! 3 lookalikes of me, and one even has the same name as me, in spite of acting like Rarity! Plus, one of them is a version of General Firefly who was never a general, and the other two are Earth Ponies walking on CLOUDS!!! The only way this could get any weirder is if you were all true spirits of loyalty like I am!
Firefly: Well, prepare to lose your mind, because there's no other pony as loyal as me! In fact, my loyalty to my friends actually saved us from several baddies AND united us with one of our most important and reliable friends!
Patch: Wow! That sounds awesome! Well, I am pretty loyal, too! Got a problem? I'll be right by your side to guide you through it!
G3 RD: And a similar case with me, Darling! You could always count on my assistance in whatever is troubling you! And I do so understand your confusion in this event, my dear. (gasp) And pardon me if this adds to the confusion, but I think there is something else to worry about here, too! I don't even remember leaving my own HOME, let alone ending up in the clouds!
Firefly & Patch: Oh, no! Neither do I!
G4 RD: WHAAAA?!?! Okay, NOW this is getting crazy! What could have caused all this? Teleportation spells are one thing, but performing one to move somepony ELSE, as well as adding in a cloud-walking spell, is just crazy! Not to mention it still wouldn't explain how Firefly doesn't remember anything about the Wonderbolts, or how any of you look like me! I still can't get over that last bit! It almost feels like you're me from other... worlds... hmm...
G3 RD: Oh, what now, Darling? First you tell us a backstory for Firefly that turns out to not be true-
Patch: Then you repeatedly compare the other Rainbow Dash to someone we don't know-
Firefly: And now you suddenly pause after mentioning other worlds? And all of that in not even THREE MINUTES!?!?! I'm pretty sure that isn't something that happens every day, you know!
G4 RD: Oh, sure, and you act like you HAVEN'T done something similar?
Firefly, Patch, & G3 RD: Eh, good point.
G4 RD: Anyway, I think I may have an idea as to what's going on. I have this friend, Twilight Sparkle, who has mastered magic to an amazing degree, to the point that she can take on anything from gigantic bears made out of stars to shape-shifting bug-pony hybrids! She also has some experience with a few alternate dimensions, so...
Firefly: Oh, I get it! You're saying that Twilight may have been interested in the possibilities of other worlds-
Patch: So she decided to try and use her magic to find other worlds to check out-
G3 RD: But since she had never tried it before, something probably backfired-
Firefly, Patch & G3 RD: And brought all of us here on accident! (gasp) We gotta find her!
G4 RD: Exactly! And that unstable spell might also explain how you two can walk on clouds!...I think. Anyway, lucky for us, Cloudsdale is a moving city, and it's currently over Twilight's home sweet home, Ponyville. If we move now, we can probably get within a 4-mile radius of the sweet castle she got from getting Tirek sent to Tartarus. Again. Man, villains never know when to quit, do they?
Firefly: Wait, TIREK?!? Okay, you have to tell me that story! Oh, but we should probably get moving first! Everyone ready?
Patch: Yeah! I think I see a balloon over there. We can use that to follow you guys down!
G3 RD: And while we travel, I could give my fellow counterparts a few beauty tips. I don't see any reason why I should be the only me who dresses in style!
G4 RD: Oh, yeah! Totally Rarity. Alright, let's get going! Twilight's got quite the mess she needs to clean!
To be continued on the Spike Generations Page!
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I don't think G3 RD would like her mane like that XD
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IS THAT FIREFLY!?!?! G4 Firefly (Inevitable hugs) Plz G4 Firefly (Proud) Plz 
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please no.
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LOLz G3 Rainbow Dash's face! XD
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Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite : Heyyyyy! I've got an awesome family tree! Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash

Great job on depicting Rainbow Dash's family through the generations of the MLP franchise. She really is proud of her heritage!

In my own in-progress MLP fan cartoons, Rainbow Dash has a grandmother called Granny Dash, who has the pastel Dashie's mane colors and cutie mark and the same body design as Granny Smith. Granny Dash is a retired Cloudsdale Weather Factory worker and search-and-rescue pony, and is very active for her age. Rainbow Dash is named after her; Granny's full name is Rainbow Iris Dash, while Dashie's is Rainbow Jennifer Dash. Rainbow loves her grandmother and proudly calls her "The Most Awesome Grandma Ever".
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:iconrainbowdashplz: Hey Patch, dare ya to race me.
:iconmlpfireflyplz: That's my girl!
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NeoniZigzagoonStudent Digital Artist
i remember one rainbow dash where she was like Rarity
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 totally thing Firefly and Rainbow Dash Sr. r Rainbow Dash  Jr. (g4)s moms
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lol imagine rd being the shy one with prett rainbows, or a patch. She is now, 20 % cooler
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UltimateUmbreon004Hobbyist General Artist
Firefly is best Rainbow Dash. XD
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i think firefly is her ancestor, and patch is a possible influence on her mothers side. she could be part earth pony but the fathers genes took over, thus making her a peagsus.
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Old Dashie. *shudder*
MADAM2DIAMONDProfessional Traditional Artist
I like the G3.5 Rainbow Dash, in G4 version!
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i think derpy is like Rainbow dash, for some reason o-o
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