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Pinkie Pie Relations

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Published: September 25, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 AquaticNeon
G4 Style Relations: Some matched on Cutie Mark, Colors, Name, Personality, etc. All in Pinkie Pie's G4 form. Only Ponies from movies, and TV!

Matched on...
Surprise(G1) On loud hyper, jokes, personality, cutie mark
Forget Me Not(G1) On throws surprise parties
Gingerbread(G1) On talented baker and jumper
Gem Blossom(G3) On makes jokes, likes to make ponies smile
Pinkie Pie(G3) On name, same pony previous generation, and cutie mark
I recolored others vectors, I do not own these molds, this is just for fun! I do create several of the cutie marks, etc.
Background: [link]
Molds: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]§ion=&q=pinkie+pie+surprised+vector#/d4q9w8w [link]

Twilight Sparkle: [link]
Fluttershy: [link]
Pinkie Pie: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
Applejack: [link]
Applejack II: [link]
Fluttershy II: [link]
Twilight Sparkle II: [link]
Rainbow Dash II: [link]
Pinkie Pie II: You're on it!
Rarity II: [link]
Spike: [link]
Bon Bon & Lyra: [link]
Princess Luna: [link]
Derpy Hooves: [link]
Princess Celestia: [link]
Spike II: [link]
Big Macintosh: [link]
CMC: [link]
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CrystalDarkPinkieStudent General Artist
I wanted pinkie pie to be unicorn at gen 5 but they changed into pegasi hopefully gen 6 does have unicorn pinkie pie
ConstantinChiselhoff's avatar
ConstantinChiselhoffStudent Artist
We're come into the universes.
HeraldOfOpera's avatar
No mention that G4 Pinkie Pie was supposed to just straight-up be Surprise?
Fazbear53's avatar
pinkie pie: I thought there was only 1 of me!
Lilbob2000's avatar
Pinkie Pie through the ages.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh my Faust ... six Pinkies ...

Fall back. FALL BACK!!
Quick-5's avatar
What is with the EYES on the one? What's her name? Gingerbread?
LittleKunai's avatar
She's a Twinkle Eye
Quick-5's avatar
Yeah, I've been explained that. Still freaky.
LittleKunai's avatar
Eh, not really. You know how partly deaf people have hearing aids? Think of these as magical seeing aids for blinded ponies. The Twinkle Eye Ponies themselves are absolutely stunning. Check out the toys sometime.
Quick-5's avatar
They still remind me of Sableye ponies.
LittleKunai's avatar
I like Sable Eye.

I like your parrot fish picture to btw.
ToastedToast15's avatar
ToastedToast15Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's a sparkle-eye pony. They were a line of pony toys that also appeared on the G1 cartoon that had gems for eyes.
ToastedToast15's avatar
ToastedToast15Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it is pretty disturbing if you think about it... But like, I think their story was that they lived in a dark cave for so long that their eyes turned into gemstones...? You're right, that is disturbing.
HeraldOfOpera's avatar
Actually, they were in the dark cave for so long that they went blind, then Applejack got captured and thrown alongside them. She decided she wasn't going to stand for this, silly pony or not, and blew up the wizard keeping them there, which resulted a barrage of gemstones that created eye-substitutes for them. That's still pretty disturbing though; I'll give you that much.
ToastedToast15's avatar
ToastedToast15Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah! I've been meaning to do more research into G1 lore...
Quick-5's avatar
A bunch of Sableye ponies. (shudders)
ToastedToast15's avatar
ToastedToast15Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry, they probably can't see you. If you're perfectly silent, they won't be able to hurt you.
CatsMusicGamingArt's avatar
CatsMusicGamingArtHobbyist General Artist
Surprise(G1) Forget Me Not(G1) Gingerbread(G1) Gem Blossom(G3) Pinkie Pie(G3) Pinkie Pie(G4)
CutemewHeatherclaw's avatar
CutemewHeatherclawHobbyist General Artist
mime432's avatar
5 more Pinkie Pies. Hell is about to break loose everyone. Be prepared for the biggest fourth wall storm the world has ever known
rnko26's avatar
rnko26Hobbyist General Artist
only one way to stop it...unplug the tv and banish it to the moon
Askferagilatr's avatar
AskferagilatrStudent Artist
So... wait... If pinkie pie and I are married(not during show, last december for christmas it was her present.) If these are all related to her...…
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