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Fluttershy Relations
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Published: September 1, 2012
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G4 Style Relations: Some matched on Cutie Mark, Colors, Name, Personality, etc. All in Fluttershy's G4 form. Only Ponies from movies, and TV!

Matched on...
Morning Glory(G1) On sweet, naive, happiness
Posey(G1) On colors, cutie mark, nature loving, personality
Sweetheart(G1.5) On kindness, sweet, personailty
Fluttershy(G3), On name, color, cutie mark
Wisteria(G3) On nature loving, personality, gardener, shy
I recolored others vectors, I do not own these molds, this is just for fun! I do create several of the cutie marks, etc.
Background: [link]
Molds: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Twilight Sparkle: [link]
Fluttershy: [link]
Pinkie Pie: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
Applejack: [link]
Applejack II: [link]
Fluttershy II: You're on it!
Twilight Sparkle II: [link]
Rainbow Dash II: [link]
Pinkie Pie II: [link]
Rarity II: [link]
Spike: [link]
Bon Bon & Lyra: [link]
Princess Luna: [link]
Derpy Hooves: [link]
Princess Celestia: [link]
Spike II: [link]
Big Macintosh: [link]
CMC: [link]
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TheDivineSilverHobbyist General Artist
ahh morning glory 

best bab
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Mini-WolfsbaneHobbyist General Artist
Holy crap this has a lot of views.

But of course, all for best pony. ;) :iconfluttershyplz:
Great work on this!
LilllyEevee's avatar
LilllyEeveeHobbyist Artist
I don't like the fiary posey(onley a little) the pink one red mane one & the hightlight one
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TropicalWinds786Hobbyist Digital Artist
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GaleshineHobbyist Digital Artist
Guns dont kill people; People kill people! 
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CatsMusicGamingArtHobbyist General Artist
Morning Glory(G1) Posey(G1) Sweetheart(G1.5) Fluttershy(G3) Wisteria(G3) Fluttershy(G4)
JackieDolamoreFan's avatar
JackieDolamoreFanStudent Digital Artist
i remember Fluttershy(G3) & Wisteria(ALSO G3) 
BittyKitty1's avatar
Thistle Whistle from G3 also fits her; on the personality, shyness, and Pegasus Pony front. Just thought I'd mention her, since she's my favorite. xD

(as an extention, so does Honolulu, for the same reason - she was a Pegasus Filly, so shy that Star Catcher had to introduce her)
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Rail-Brony-GXYHobbyist General Artist
Is Morning Glory a Flutter pony?
Kyoushi's avatar
KyoushiHobbyist Writer
Yes. I have the toy, albeit without her wings... none of the flutters have wings unfortunately since they were broken off before I got them. And Morning Glory is definitely a Flutter Pony.
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Rail-Brony-GXYHobbyist General Artist
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illy2002 Artist
i remember the pink coated one. man i liked her and gen3
HeartBlissMaid's avatar
you forgot thistle whistle 
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bluezolaHobbyist Digital Artist
wait wait WAIT NOT wysteria! that would be twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW rest fine
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SuchiMonixStudent Digital Artist
bluezola's avatar
bluezolaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wysteria relates to twilight her character form IS TWILIGHT! she is the smart one the balanced one the the UGH! WHY DOES NO ONE SEE THIS?
One-Swood-Grommet's avatar
One-Swood-GrommetHobbyist General Artist
I remember Wisteria being nothing like that. Kimono seems like she'd be more of a fit for Twilight
iPalmyra's avatar
I like the green fluttershy. it's cute.
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Do you mind if I use this for my website? I'll credit you :D
MADAM2DIAMONDProfessional Traditional Artist
I like the pink Fluttershy!
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Moonlight8837Student Artist
the white and red one looks nice.
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bit-broHobbyist Digital Artist
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Moonlight8837Student Artist
me too, her name is sweetheart
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