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Fluttershy Generations
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Published: August 12, 2012
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G4 Style Generations: Some matched on Cutie Mark, Colors, Name, Personality, etc.

Posey, Sweetheart, Fluttershy, Fluttershy! Wouldn't they be just the best of friends! Enjoy guys! Fluttershy's first thought "Oh no new ponies..... hide..... run..... wait a moment they are just like me!"

I recolored others vectors, I do not own these molds, this is just for fun!
Background: [link]
Molds: [link] [link] [link] [link]

Twilight Sparkle: [link]
Fluttershy: You're on it!
Pinkie Pie: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
Applejack: [link]
Applejack II: [link]
Fluttershy II: [link]
Twilight Sparkle II: [link]
Rainbow Dash II: [link]
Pinkie Pie II: [link]
Rarity II: [link]
Spike: [link]
Bon Bon & Lyra: [link]
Princess Luna: [link]
Derpy Hooves: [link]
Princess Celestia: [link]
Spike II: [link]
Big Macintosh: [link]
CMC: [link]
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Continued(after quite the break) from the Applejack Generations page.
Fluttershy's cottage, Mid-Season 6
G4 Flutters: Oh, I do hope whatever's caused Angel to get so riled up isn't enough to scare me out of my wits, like half of the stuff that randomly shows up in Ponyville. Oh, but I'm being ridiculous. This is Angel we're talking about. He gets riled up when I forget to say "good morning" when I get up! If something like THAT manages to get him confused, then I have barely anything to worry abo-(stops to see 3 strangely familiar ponies, then immediately starts screaming like a 13-year-old in a slasher flick)
Posey: Ah! What the-?! Oh, hello there! I'm sorry, is this you're place? I am so sorry about intruding, I was unaware that anyone lived here. I'm Posey. Nice to meet you!
G4 Flutters: Oh, um, it's no problem, miss. I was, um, just surprised. I'm, um, Fluttershy.
G3 Flutters: Oh! Fluttershy? That's my name, too! Isn't that weird?
Sweetheart: I'll say! Oh, and my name's Sweetheart. How are you, if I may ask?
G4 Flutters: Oh, I'm fine. I just cannot believe what's happening right now! Oh, my, this is the last time I doubt Angel about anything ever again!.... Well, probably not, but still.
Posey: Angel? Aww, that's a really sweet name! But, what do you mean, "doubt him"?
G4 Flutters: Oh, well, I have this pet rabbit, Angel, and like with all animals, I can understand everything he's tries saying to me. Earlier today, he came to me telling me that there was something strange beyond all reason out in front of the cottage that I should take a look at. Of course, I was skeptical, because he also used the phrase "strange beyond all reason" to describe how I live with a bear, but I decided to-
G3 Flutters: Woah, woah, woah! Slow down! You can talk to animals, AND you live with a BEAR?!?!? That-that just doesn't sound right!
G4 Flutters: You'd be surprised how many ponies I've told that who HAVEN'T freaked out like you had. Anyway, like I was saying, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to take a look. And wouldn't you know it, there are three ponies out here who look like me, and one even shares my name!.... Um, do you possess great amounts of kindness as well?
Posey: Of course! Be it butterflies, ponies, humans, or Bushwoollies, I'm kind to all sorts of creatures!
Sweetheart: Me too! Big and small, short and tall, everyone's my friend, if they're willing to accept my kindness.
G3 Flutters: Same here! You'd be surprised how many lifelong allies we've made because of my kind nature. And I do see how weird this is to you....(gasp) but I just realized something that is MUCH weirder! I don't even remember leaving my home today!
Posey & Sweetheart: Really? Neither do I!
G4 Flutters: (fake gasp) Oh, no! What sort of CHAOS could have caused you to- Oh, forget it, you bronies reading this know where I'm going with this. (deep inhale) DIIIIIISSSSCOOOOOOORRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!
Discord: (pops in with a flash) Oh, what is it, Fluttershy? I was trying to play Asparagus-Bowling with Harry! We used all the coconuts for cups and Harry ate the cucumbers, so-
G4 Flutters: Oh, don't play innocent like that, Discord! How could you bring these poor, defenseless, alternate versions of me into this world?
Discord: What? (notices the other 3) Hm? Oh, wait, you think this is my fault, don't you? Ahahahahahaha! Oh, Fluttershy, riddle me this: why would I do my jokes nowadays, hm?
G4 Flutters: Usually as a way to cause a little chaos, last I checked. Why?
Discord: Well, here's the thing: multiple AJs is chaotic, and so is multiple Rarities. And if it was Twilight, Pinkie, or Rainbow Dash, oh, boy, wouldn't that be just fun! But multiples of you? In my eyes, that's not chaos, that's just weird!.... And a little awkward.
G4 Flutters: Well, I suppose you have a point. But then, who would cause something like this, if not you?
Discord: Oh, think about it, Fluttershy. You already figured they might be from other worlds. And whatever caused this must be a result of powerful magic. So, other worlds plus powerful magic minus me equals....
G4 Flutters: (gasp) Of course! Twilight! She's had experience with other worlds and powerful magic! Maybe she tried to make gateways to other worlds, but brought them here on accident! We've got to find her if that's the case!
Posey: Now, hold on! Before we do anything, I'd say some introductions are in order.
G4 Flutters: Oh! Of course! Discord, these are Posey, Sweetheart, and Fluttershy. They're alternate versions of me from different worlds. Girls, this is Discord, the very spirit of chaos and disharmony!
Sweetheart: What?!? How can we trust someone like that? And also, how can we be sure this Twilight is really capable of doing something like this?
G4 Flutters: Oh, don't worry, Sweetheart. Discord has recently been reformed, so he won't nessecarily do anything bad, especially if I'm around!
Discord: Right! And to answer youre second question, Twilight may seem like a normal pony at first, but her power in mind, body, and friendship has bested everyone from four-headed monsters in the middle of swamps,! If she can do that, than I see no reason how she could not do this!
G3 Flutters: Alright then, that sounds like a good enough explanation to me! Now, how do we find Twilight?
G4 Flutters: Well, if memory serves me right, Twilight said she was going to be organizing the books I her castle this afternoon-oh, by the way, Twilight's a princess-so we should probably start there.
G3 Flutters: A PRINCESS?!?!? Okay, I WAS just going to take pictures of this place of yours, but the inside of a castle would make for way better shots!
Posey: Oh, I hope we won't be a bother on her. It would be a shame if we were!
Sweetheart: Ah, I'm sure she won't mind to help us. So, shall we?
G4 Flutters: Of course! And maybe on the way, Posey could explain to me what a "Bushwoolly" is. Discord, are you coming?
Discord: Oh, I don't see why not! Besides, the interactions from you will probably be just precious! Let's get a move on, shall we?
To be continued on the Pinkie Pie Generations page!
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HappyfeetAJHobbyist Artist
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MyLittleFlutterHobbyist Artisan Crafter
*Rages* POSEY HAS GREEN EYES!!!  Rage 
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mh3umasterHobbyist General Artist
wait wha?! fluttershy was an earth pony for 3 gens then a pegasus?
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ElsaIceQueen123Hobbyist Artist
Posey and Fluttershy are almost twins
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CloudyPaxHobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh i remember when Fluttershy was pink :3
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AinoBunnyApplejackHobbyist Artisan Crafter
POSEY!!!:D (Big Grin) Heart 
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I know one of the generations are Posey
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nemesis158Hobbyist Photographer
the one with the flowers on her flank is posey.
MADAM2DIAMONDProfessional Traditional Artist
I like the pink Fluttershy!
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NeoniZigzagoonStudent Digital Artist
wait wat...
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I'm kinda surprised you haven't down my favourite G3 pegasie Thistle Whistle here. They both are very shy but they help to their friends if they needs their help. Oh and the most important they both has fears about flying while they can and still do flying. Fluttershy has a fear of heigh while Thistle Whistle fears from clouds.
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DrawingGirl4Hobbyist Filmographer
I think Thistle Whistle is like Fluttershy but not completely. Fluttershy is just plain shy while Thistle Whistle is nervous and a smart alike.
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I personally think Thistle Whistle is related to Quackers due to the bird noises they make. :)
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DrawingGirl4Hobbyist Filmographer
That makes sense.
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Posey did always love her garden...
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superdivaof2013Hobbyist Artist
The pony in the bottom right hand corner looks kinda like Princess Cadence. 
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XxdarkChaosMLG2xXStudent Filmographer
The result of Shining and Cadence's "honeymoon" in literal meanings: Luna dipped them on honey
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XxdarkChaosMLG2xXStudent Filmographer
Get this logic

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superdivaof2013Hobbyist Artist
Oh I get it now. 
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omg sweetheart is so cute °w°
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