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Dormroom Floor

Another 4 ft painting. This time of my dorm room floor my freshman year at SC. ...I kind of love messes. Not in a life-hindering was, but I think they are very interesting and personal.
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Wow. The colors really compliment the messy floor.
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Nice. I think I have that kind of backpack.
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Wow, is this a familiar scene or what? I find it amusing to compare how my dorm room looks at the beginning of the year to how it looks during midterms, then near the end of the school year. As a rule I'm more tidy in my dorm than in my own home, but I still have that darling "organized mess".
The colors and lighting are very cool, and it does give it a very personal feel!
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MMmm organized mess is the best. ....And my dorm stayed cleaner than my room at home only because my roommate was OCD so I felt a responsibility to keep things tidy. ...But having only one tiny closet makes things tough. ....Which is why I kept my Tide next to my Top Ramen. ...And my bread next to my shampoo.
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The colorrrsssss. So gorgeous.
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I love messy rooms, at least my own. It has a personal kind of charm to it, says a lot about a person. I don't think it's wrong to say there is a sort of surreal feeling to this, and I love it. Good work.
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Thanks so much! Go untidiness!
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