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check it out, if you want adopts go here!!!


Adopt #1(OPEN) by Dexi-Foxx
WOLF GOTCHA (OPEN+ read desc) by Aquatic-Abyss

Adopt #2 (open) by Dexi-Foxx
Auction #3 (OPEN) by Dexi-Foxx

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Fri Aug 31, 2018, 4:11 PM

"drifting away~"

1) Their first design vs. current design:
Aqua by Aquatic-Abyss Aqua 2018-???? Ref by Aquatic-Abyss

^^^just imagine this one but colored in LAVENDER purple

2) Why are they your fursona?
everything related to me is water, elemant, birthstone, middlename,zodiac
i just noticed this this year but the main reason is because when i first joined she was supposed to be 
an adopt but i loved her design too much to sell her
3) What's different between you and your fursona?
eyes, temper, colors(obviously)and thats it actually XD
4)Their theme song:

5) Give them a canon voice!

6) What does your fursona love and hate?
Likes: onezies, sunglasses,socks,hoodies,stuffed giant toys(especially a stuffed pony),her lightning mc 
Queen toy,movies,dancing,sleeping,water,videogames, junk food , drawing, being alone poochi
▪Dislikes: CHOCOLATE!!!!!,getting TRIGGERED to the limit,cookies, Kool 
7) Their body type vs. yours:
THE SAME....bsesides that she is made of water and she is a fox
8) How strong is your connection to your fursona?
very but i dont draw her much...thats an issue
9) Is your fursona shipped with someone else's character? if so, who?
idk actually.....KOMAKING sharken?
10) Who/what is your fursona based off of?
11) Do you wish your fursona was real?
i am my sona
12) How much did you spend on art for them so far?
about 100 points...thats how high so far
13) Where would your fursona live if they were real?
Caribbean/ near crystal clear waters
14) Have you ever sold/traded them before?
15) Their favorite holiday?
16) Pick a movie character they relate to most!
17) Pick another fictional character they relate to!
18) When were they born (created)?
march 11...but created early or late july of 2016
19) Who is their best friend?
their sister abyss
 I'd love to change the world by Aquatic-Abyss
20) Did you create them?
no KOMAKING did...thank you fam 
21) Their favorite season?
summer ((but they can get...burned til death
22) Do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?
not really...thye are complicated
23) How long have they been your fursona?
since ive created them
24) How many times have they been redesigned/altered?
3 or 4
25) Their favorite restaurant:
applebees and joes crab shack
26) Do they have any phobias?
27) Name one thing people forget when drawing them:
arm markings
28) Favorite art piece of them:
Fire When The Strobe Hits You! by Aquatic-Abyss

29) Do they represent you or a part of you?
30) Tell me one fun fact of them!
they can grow two mouths when mad
Mary sue test 

m im doing my main aqua nd i PRAY TO GOD SHE AINT A SUE...if she is comment what i can do to make her not a sue

/ = kind of = 0.5
X = yes = 1
yes, i just made up my own rules. dont judge me


[X] They have a rare hair/fur colour
[ ] Their eyes are an unusual colour (( pink (unusual) / blue (not unusual) ))
[ ] This happens to be red 
[ ] Their eyes change colour
[ ] (if a female) they have large boobs 
[ ] (if a male) they are very muscular 
[ ] They are very attractive to the opposite gender
[ ] They are very attractive to the same gender 
[ ] They have lots of friends/no friends 
[ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet 
[ ] They have a guardian spirit 
[ ] Some part of their body glows 
[ ] They are emo/cutesy
[X] They have wings 
[ ] They always dress like a certain 'label' 
[ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga
[ ] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear 
Subtotal: 2


[ ] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth
[ ] They have an evil nemesis 
[ ] Who is their sibling 
[ ] They are from a very poor/lowly family 
[ ] They are from a very rich/royal family
[ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background
[ ] They have lost one/both of their parents 
[ ] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death/s
[ ] Who were killed by the OC's arch nemesis
[ ] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc.
[ ] So they ran away from home, and somehow fell in love with a famous hero, or bumped into an infamous villain who promptly became their arch nemesis 
[ ] Their parents were fine, but they ran away from home anyway, seeking adventure
[ ] They look much younger/older than they really are.
[ ] They never knew their parents 
[ ] They were abused/spoiled as a child
[ ] They are currently in a relationship
Subtotal: 2


[ ] They are possessed by an angel
[ ] They are possessed by a demon 
[ ] But they struggle to be good anyway 
[ ] They are a mythical creature 
[ ] They are an alien 
[X] They are part mythical creature 
[ ] They are part alien
[ ] They are a race/species that is discriminated against/misunderstood
[ ] They are a mythical creature/alien who was raised by human parents
[ ] And they grew up thinking they were human 
[ ] They are the last of their kind 
Double your points if they are descended from two or more kinds of mythical creatures/aliens
Subtotal: 3

[X] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc (controls water)
[ ] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc 
[ ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers 
[ ] They have a special ability/power 
[ ] But they don't know about it yet
[ ] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers
[ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift 
[ ] They are immortal
[ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
[ ] They have a 'special type' of soul  
[ ] Their soul is not the same as them 
[ ] They can talk to spirits/ghosts 
[/] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared 
[ ] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown 
Subtotal: 4.5


[ ] They have a mental disorder 
[ ] They have an emotional disorder
[ ] They struggle to stay sane
[ ] They talk about their struggle to stay sane a lot
[ ] They are a psycho
[ ] They have multiple personalities  
[ ] They are very intelligent 
[ ] They are not smart, but in a funny way, and somehow always manage to find the hidden switch/secret door 
[ ] They have hallucinations
[ ] They are very mysterious/dark  
[/] They are very lively/happy (( most of the time,, not all the time ))
[/] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly 
[ ] They are very patient 
Subtotal: 5.5


[ ] They are physically strong 
[ ] They have lots of morals and state them a fair bit. For example: 'I would rather be with my friends than with my boyfriend/girlfriend' 'Nothing matters more to me than my friends/family' 'I wouldn't hesitate to die in place of a friend' etc. It's fine if your OC has these beliefs/values, but if they constantly say them out loud/preach them to others, then we have a problem.
[ ] They have a rare/unusual name 
[ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, Midsummers Night, The Winter Solstace etc. 
[X] They are connected with a certain element (( water ))
[ ] They are connected with a certain animal
[ ] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives  
[ ] They are hiding from someone/something
[/] They have a rare blood type ((ALL water animals have a different blood type than a normal animal))
[ ] They cry blood  
[ ] They are from a different country to where they live 
[ ] They are from a long line of ninjas/magical princesses/paladins/ad nauseum
[ ] They come from two such lines
[ ] Which have been at war for all of history 
[ ] But are now at peace because of the OCs parents who loved each other in defiance of their families' hatred, showing them there was a better way
[ ] They have amnesia 
[ ] They have some sort of permanent medical condition 
[ ] The have a curse upon them 
[ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy
[ ] They are 'the chosen one' 
Subtotal: 7

Point Reductions

Take points off your OCs overall score if they fit any of the following statements:
[ ] They smoke
[ ] They are an alcoholic 
[ ] They are overweight
[ ] They are addicted to drugs 
[X] They have a short temper (( kind of, but she doesn't snap until she's completely had enough ))
[ ] They enjoy bullying others 
[ ] They do not care much about others 
[ ] They are emotionless
[ ] They are stupid, in an unfunny way
[ ] They are unattractive
Total Reduction: 1

Final Total: 6

<5 -Anti-Sue
Your character may be a bit on the boring side. No reason a character scoring this low can't be a a fascinating and exciting character, but generally if they are scoring this low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit.

6-15 -Balanced Character
If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though.

16-25 -Borderline Mary-Sue
You probably need to tone your character down; characters that score this high tend to annoy people.

26> -Mary-Sue

    thank god shes NORMAL
i need about..kitty dog Adurpt by Aquatic-Abyss

...9 dollars SO I CAN GET V BUCKS 
bUY THIS!!!!

 Commission Terms Of Service
Hello there. Welcome to Commissions Bay
I See your instreasted in my Artwork commissions. 
Heart Thank youHeart 
But Please read my T.O.S before you commission me

Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; White 
☆ I only take payment before I start. I won't start the commission unless I have received payment.
☆ You must have a clear, unshaded reference of your character. 
☆ Never claim any of my art as your own. If you wish to upload it, you MUST ask me in some form. I will report you if you claim as your own, or not get my permission
☆ I take points and paypal...paypal mainly atm
☆ I do not do deadlines. ESTIMATED wait time may be on the same day as commissioned or could take up to 1-2 weeks or even a month
☆I will not do more that 4 commisions at once
☆ Do not rush me or beg me for stuff, if so i might purposely take longer or i'll refund if i haven't started yet.
☆ You may not change your character once I started.
☆Refunds are alowed. I you are unhappy, i will restart


☆ NSFW / Sexual Themes 
☆ Complex buildings or mechanics / Extremley Complex things
☆ Other game-like characters , like sonic or mario


☆ Feral/Humans/ Anthro 
☆ Blood / Gore
☆ Sharp teeth, Large paws, Monsters,slimmy toungs
☆ Other species (unless stated otherwise)
☆ Multiple characters
☆ Simple Backgrounds + Possible Nature Backgrounds

If these rules are failed to be followed ; result is blacklisted
☆ Side Notes ☆
DeviantArt Backgrounds amd shading are 5 points extraDeviantArt 
DeviantArt complex fur shading is 10 points extraDeviantArt 

Watch out for these signs
Closed by SoxzTheWolf
Open by SoxzTheWolf
These where made by @/soxzthewolf

Sketchy bust/Head shot》0.50/50Points 

Closed by SoxzTheWolf

Sketchy halfbody》0.55/55Points 

Open by SoxzTheWolf 
Harbor Ref By Aquaticquatica-dci0k4s (1) by Aquatic-AbyssWhat (artfight) by Aquatic-Abyss(1/3 Com)Coco beans by Aquatic-Abyss

Sketchy fullbody》0.60/60Points 

Open by SoxzTheWolf
Arai Risu by Aquatic-Abyss


Open by SoxzTheWolf
1525229944684 by Aquatic-Abysstoo much sugar by Aquatic-Abyssjealous?? by Aquatic-Abysssexy ass by Aquatic-Abyssspikey by Aquatic-Abyss

seziure by Aquatic-Abysswat u gonna do when he come for uuu by Aquatic-Abyssheheheh by Aquatic-Abyssyawn by Aquatic-Abyss132313575pTzB3Lo by Aquatic-Abyss


Closed by SoxzTheWolf


Open by SoxzTheWolf
My Ex's and the Oh's by Aquatic-Abyss Please dont block the thinking streets by Aquatic-AbyssSlowly Melting towards TRASH by Aquatic-Abyss

Halfbody》 0.85/85Points 

Open by SoxzTheWolf
I'd love to change the world by Aquatic-Abyss


Open by SoxzTheWolf
picture perfect by Aquatic-AbyssCOffe in my blood stream by Aquatic-Abyss Love her when you let her go by Aquatic-Abyss


Closed by SoxzTheWolf

Custom OC》1.00/100Points 

Closed by SoxzTheWolf
Catchem ref by Aquatic-Abyss


shading is 15 points extra

animation bust/headshot》1.50/150Points 

Open by SoxzTheWolf
Hey~ by Aquatic-Abyss

animation fullbody/page doll》 2.00/200Points 

Closed by SoxzTheWolf
You fluster me UwU by Aquatic-Abyss

animation meme》8.00$-10.00$ or 800-1000Points (depending on complex character)

if you paid more than the original price your animation will be shaded

Closed by SoxzTheWolf

these two are the most latest

i hope ist not too expenisve :,,>


muddy....srry I can't take it

Welcome to the dark side of my commissions journal.
The people listed here are not allowed to order a commission from me.

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