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Please do not ask when commissions will be open if they are closed;;
13 [PLEASE READ13 Commission T.O.S


Star Letter BlockONLY OFFER ON Anyone in Arrow Right Pink…

( Please tell me how much art or $ you are offering ) &  you may offer on AS MANY characters as you want. 

    Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Please do not offer anything other than art or PayPal($). if you offer anything else i will ignore your offer. Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

    Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Please do not lowball or complain about how much you want this character but can't offer anything 'good' for it Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

    Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Please Do not guilt trip me or bribe me for any characters if I don't accept your offer. Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

Star Letter Block Please make sure that you have a so i can transfer the char to you. ( PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK )