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It is with a great pleasure that I announce the opening of my official shop ! ------>

What I propose today is a direct link with the artist, with the possibility to purchase high quality prints, with vivid and accurate colors. These reproductions are personally checked, signed, numbered then tidily packaged in order to reach you carefully. I have chosen the canvas format for giving you the possibility to frame it. 

Only six 12x18’’ artworks are available, in a Limited Edition of 100 copies. 

Moreover, to emphasize the «  official » dimension, I created « original and unique » artworks, non available in the regular shops (such as DeviantART, Society6, Curioos,…). These exclusive artworks are included in a Limited Edition of 100 copies. 

Furthermore, I will offer prints of my other artwork, upon request, which will be signed but not numbered. The available sizes are 12x18’’ and 20x30’’.

Do not hesitate to share feedback and wishes, in order to develop new artworks format.

Thanks again for you support, 

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Hello dear followers !

A lot of great and important changes have happened in my artistic life :

1) I received my MacBook Pro Retina ! 

This is my first Apple machine. It's been a long time I had to invest in a powerful Mac, now it's done. I have to confess I am a bit lost with all the features and possibilities, but it sounds and looks good!

2) I have chosen to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud with the full subscription package, 

I want to take advantages of my MacBook pro so I have a to develop my creativity with new softwares like After Effect and Illustrator. I found a lot of tutorials on youtube to learn how to handle these impressive softwares. I think I will have a lot of fun 

3) I decided to become a Professional Artist 

I always said digital art is a hobby for me... after ten years, it has become a BIG hobby and I wanted to outperform my artistic experience. Now, I'm still working as psychologist in my office, but i'm developing my artist carrer too.

4) Next step, improve my english !
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Hello !

Finally, I did it...
Let me introduce my new website :

- An exhaustive portofolio combined with a selection of my  freaking first works and oekakis and other chromatic aberrations
- A selection of  shops even if I don't focus the money goal, I won't refuse to sell a print if you ask one =)
- A link to the calendar 2013
- A gallery showing my 16 tutorials tutorials
- A gallery of some " first steps work in progress " videos
- A link to my youtube channel
- A page talking about "me", (again him)
- A selection of my different texts/poems  related to my artworks

And of course you can still find me on
....and now on Anipaaaan !

Thank you for your support =)
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Hello !

I have to change my journal entry, because it confuses a lot of people to read " they said I should delete my artworks " =)

It's was strange year, in retrospect. After the publishing of my tutorial 14, in february 2012, I was draggled, attacked, insulted... a curious way to give me more motivation to continue. But I need maybe more to get injured, because I'm still standing !

I was afraid to think this " DA case " could hurt me and prevent me to get appetite for photoshop, snapping my creativity and my wishes to " try " to share technique and passion with my tutorials. Somewhere, I was afraid to think that people who called me " tracer " kill something in me. Too much violence to digest and think.

If the art is my game, this game makes me fragile sometimes.
We are in July 2012, it seems I was anxious for bad reasons, because I still have things to tell !

For the glory part, even if I don't know what really means these numbers and I need to handle it without getting hurt by the pride flames (the pride kills my creativity) :

* 25700 notes for  Le Pianoquarium
* 18500 notes for Rage


DA : Even if I haven't the real number, I thank all the deviants who supported me when I was attacked. It's quite incredible to read all the good messages I received during this black time =) I thank the DA staff, who supported me and made me quiet. I was not sure to deserve it, but if I am still here with inspiration and passion, it was worth it !

Now, I will try to finish " Fiddleback " and try to fix the hand and arms of the lady... some hours of work :p

So, I wish you a good summer !
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I just wanted to explain what is the context of my new submission :

-REMOVE your last tutorial
-REMOVE all prints from the print shop, by request if necessary.
-Cite all photos by linking to their ORIGINAL source, not to your own website. "

" If you do these things, I can assure you that you won't run into any further problems with the community. "
" If you don't though, I will report you and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. You could be suspended, or permanently banned if this comes to pass. "

I don't understand this violence but I am not comdemned for the moment, so I submit artworks.

I think bad things might coming for Aquasixio, I have to accept. Art is my hobby, not my life.
I don't know about my gallery, now. =)

But, if nothing happens, I will continue to nourrish my DA gallery !

Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future,
Carpe diem =)
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