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Hello dear followers !

A lot of great and important changes have happened in my artistic life :

1) I received my MacBook Pro Retina ! 

This is my first Apple machine. It's been a long time I had to invest in a powerful Mac, now it's done. I have to confess I am a bit lost with all the features and possibilities, but it sounds and looks good!

2) I have chosen to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud with the full subscription package, 

I want to take advantages of my MacBook pro so I have a to develop my creativity with new softwares like After Effect and Illustrator. I found a lot of tutorials on youtube to learn how to handle these impressive softwares. I think I will have a lot of fun 

3) I decided to become a Professional Artist 

I always said digital art is a hobby for me... after ten years, it has become a BIG hobby and I wanted to outperform my artistic experience. Now, I'm still working as psychologist in my office, but i'm developing my artist carrer too.

4) Next step, improve my english !
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você é incrível eu te sigo a tantos anos que nem sei, toda vez que estou olhando uma obra sua ou uso do wallpaper e alguém vê e pergunta de quem é, quem criou eu tenho o maior orgulho de dizer que foi você. Sabe você está para mim no topo dos artistas preferidos como Michelangelo, Van Gogh, kandinsky....