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Not really what I expected... but it's finally done.

Video of the first steps: [link]

The Afterglow is Brightening up my carefree Childhood.
Another Day is Ending, Faithfully, with a Gleam for Hope.
I've jumped for Joy, my Kite closely Linked to my Mind.
This Nightfall is just Outstanding, Painless, Quiet, Restful...
I wish Stop the Time, whereas the Ultimate ray is Vanishing.
No Word Xists to capture this moment before...Yawning...
And Z zzzz...

Time : 22 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Work in Progress :
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All your pictures are amazing!
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Que c'est jolie! Je m'inspire beaucoup de tes techniques en ce moment, elles me sont très utiles. Merci pour ça ^^
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I'm ever a perfectionist when it comes to details and refinement, composition and light in paintings/drawing/etc and while your artwork is in all aspects beautiful and masterfully executed, it's the sheer proportions of the overwhelming joy and warmth that it fills me with that makes me gaze at it and forget all the analysing and critical appreciation I usually approach artworks with. Thank you so much for this moment of blissful perfection this picture gave me! I featured it in my journal as a tiny form of gratitude: On Top of a Flaming Eagle
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Thank you so much for your comment, it was a pleasure to read your opinion :)
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i was a painting & photography major in college & it is not easy to stop me in my tracks with one's artwork! it has nothing to do with my talent(s), or possible lack there of! it's simply my eyes ability to see & truly grasp all the artistic elements that i feel are present in someone's work. for example: composition,positive & negative space, the path your eyes follow thru the artwork (it's movement), the focal point, the collaboration of color or balance of black & white that's present....there's a million things that go into defining an artists work as talented, amazing, one of a kind, etc... however, in the end, it's usually the viewers personal opinion as to whether the "art" in question is actually ART! WELL...I personally feel you are an amazing artistic force!!! your creations are inspirational & i am a lifelong fan!
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Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and your passion for art :p
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This is really, really nice. I like the atmosphere you create!
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This is amazing. :D
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Très jolie ! Les couleurs sont vraiment harmonieuses et donnent envie de plonger (littéralement) dans le dessin ! Le côté très graphique est juste dément ! ça donne envie de dessiner tout ça! ^^
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This must look fun in russian :XD:
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Hey there, I've featured this in my recent journal here on DA: [link]
please enjoy your day :peace:
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The eyelids close, the breath slows, you go through that warm black room, the softness of the ground invites you further, so comfortable, so fresh.... And when finally the dream-bottle opens, you never know what comes out next, fantasy is painting its landscape before your inner eye....
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Thank you for your comment =)
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I love your work!
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You've been featured here: [link] :love:
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Omg, this reminds me of how much I want to go fly a kite. I've never flown one before. Don't even know where to buy one.
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Tout ce que tu dessines me rend jalouse. J'adore l'aspect que tu donnes a l'image, aux personnages, les couleurs...J'essais toujours de donner ce meme style a mes travaux mais ca ne fonctionne jamais . x_x'
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Courage =) Faut aussi se faire plaisir, si tu regardes ce que font les autres pour te sentir ecrasée, tu ne pourras pas ressenti l'envie de produire !
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You are a very talented artist and I admire your skills and look up to you!
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I feature your wonderful deviation here [link]
-I like it very much =)
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