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Work in Progress of Good Night

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WOW, the way the lady is the fishing net, what an amazing metaphor! god damn it, I need to be better!

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I like the way you show us your work in steps, thats a nice idea and the art work is incredible just awesome :D
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wow u r perfect
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The blending of the net into the pattern of the water is simply amazing. It's so inspiring how you are able to capture the little nuances of life and nature and celebrate them in such a way. You have shown me that anyone can become an artist by paying attention and working very hard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
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Thank you so much for your message :)
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C'est vraiment chouette de la voir émerger :aww:
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Beautiful work as always! I think this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. I wish you had kept the bed post from the first sketch, but I understand why you left it off and it came out phenomenal anyway. Nice job! :D
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her hair piece is so cool!
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Great work! Really amazing how it changes so drastically when first drawn and the final work.
Boing Project 
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I really like this.  The final painting is great, but nice to see how you changed things up in the picture as you worked further along.  :)  Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! :D
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Thank you for your comment =)
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Where is her smile?)))
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I like the approach you have each step for a very fairy & smooth, beautiful result :)
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Wow, that is beautiful! I am always and forever in awe of your work.

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Absolutely stunning.  I like seeing the different approaches you take with each step.
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so very beautiful but then your work always is ^.^ don't know you do it
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Your ideas are so unique, I love every piece of your art! I think I`ve said that already )
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These are cool! Have you ever considered doing these as GIF's?
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Good idea, I didn't think it could be interesting =)
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