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WiP Of You belong to me

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wow you are making some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. Beautiful light in all your photos. What a talent.

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This is amazing! The colors are just so dreamy and everything in general is just... Awesome! Great job! This is gorgeous! -gasp- Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 
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How long did it take?
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Its a beautiful picture. And if I'm being honest, its super encouraging to see that some of the roses change their posture over time. I end up redrawing that sort of thing a lot so its nice to know that happens for people with high skill levels as well.
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I saw your work on Pinterest and I like that you show us the steps of your work and of course your work is awesome :D
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this actually made  me cry tears.. so beautiful q.q
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and u are liek one of my favorite artist that i luv.. keep up the good work 
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Saint Exupéry? :D
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This is sooo amazing :D
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Amazing! Wonderful!
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this is amazing! I like the story that goes with it. Clap Clap 
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Oh my god! Incredible!
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great job! howd you do the sky? x
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You kept changing the pose of the flowers! <3
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omg, this is amazing!!!!! i really need to get photoshop now. 
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cool !! your artwork always impress me
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I'm really interested in how you have done the grass. In my experience grass is a huge pain in the ass to do. A separate tutorial on your style of doing grass would be most welcome if you ever have the time. 
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Why not, if it can help you, I will work on it :)
Thing-um-a-jig's avatar
I love how suppressing the trees behind gave a feeling of complete loneliness to the whole scene :3 Just a detail, still makes the difference.
AquaSixio's avatar
Too many details, too many possibilities, too many doubts :p

I was doubting when I deleted the trees, I was doubting when I changed the colors, I was doubting when I realized the bells looked like condoms, ... 

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