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When the moon is closer


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If the moon would get closer,
The Earth would be light-hearted.
Enamored, she would observe
The world with less of gravity.

Time : 14h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC

Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video :…

WIP : 

 WIP of when the moon is closer by AquaSixio

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This picture looks Awesome, Would you like to join our facebook group & contribute some Artworks =>

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Awesome!!! :love: love: :love:
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I love the way Nature is reversed here: Icebergs are 90% above the surface as opposed to under, and the whales are "swimming" gracefully through the air. It truly is Beautiful.
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this is frickin beautiful.
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Classy piece! And some seriously skillful paintwork, of course.
Stunning indeed...
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I love this so much ERMAGERD
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Absolutely stunning!!!
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OMG, i LOVE whales!
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Très beau travail :)
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If it was real, it'd be a beautiful sight to see
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Reminds me of Fantasia 2000
The song where the whales start flying o3o
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This is gorgeous! The illuminated ice is very fascinating to look at along with the whales. Flying whales are awesome! X3
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Nice job, chère
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Reminds me of this beautiful piece of animation with this delightful music:

Fantasia 2000 ~ The Pines of Rome…;
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This work has been featured here,, for world oceans month.:love:
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Beautiful work, again.
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Oh man, this is beautiful!  :D  It sort of reminds me of the "Pines of Rome" segment from Fantasia 2000, only even lovelier and more mystic.  I love the color scheme you've chosen for this, darker shades without making the picture look gloomy or murky.  The play of light looks especially good.
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Love this so much. It reminds me of the piece "Pines of Rome" as it was featured on Fantasia 2000. It's one of my very favorites.
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