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WIp of Coeur de Pirate

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goatshiip's avatar
beautiful painting...but the subject...
People like things like this.
Vaggvisa's avatar
just awsome :D !!!
miyakies's avatar
wow! I love this :love: and that you added her hand there and didn't leave it out makes it even better! PERFECT :wow:
ThirteenthMonth's avatar
She's an amazing artist. Do you like her music or is it just her name that caught your attention?
AquaSixio's avatar
I am not a big fan of her music but I like her universe :)
m-ries's avatar
Oceanborn :-)
This could become a nice work, but i also think you should rethink the nipple-palmtrees – they might be an unintended comical aspect  ;-)
Koogleblitz's avatar
one word.   nippletrees.
frankperrin's avatar
This is a fun idea. :)

Also... booty. =P
JonUndone's avatar
Brilliant concept! >u<
Chanree's avatar
ok now i liked this. not that it was erotic but pretty smart and fun concept :3 I know i know, odd but...this was a freaking good idea to look at the map. 
LiteralBanana's avatar
Haha so awesome XD
Makcko's avatar
wow i love it (that nipples are so exotic)
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