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WIP of Sweet Vertigo

By AquaSixio


Time : 3 h00 hours
Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (2H00) :…

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Mid-z-z-z-uki's avatar
очень круто!
Mid-z-z-z-uki's avatar
You painted it ????? !!!! I saw this art even in the winter and now met the owner !!!! 😎😍😍😱😱😱😛 WOOOOOOOOW
iamniquey's avatar
Cool concept! Can't wait to see it finished!
EBZi's avatar
aha watched patema inverted recently. the idea of this, falling/looking down into the sky is the same as that movie! really recommend watching it if you havent.
also stunning work like always!
NotedDreams's avatar
Do you have any tutorials on blending in photoshop? I'm really inspired by your work, I just cant navigate photoshop. . .
AquaSixio's avatar
Hello :) I should make this kind of tutorial, you are right :)
NotedDreams's avatar
Thank you! Phototshop's smudge tool isn't very effective and always crashes photoshop. So blending is next to impossible. 
Rainiila's avatar
I'm not sure if your accepting advice by a newb who doesn't even use photoshop....
but I find a particularly effective way to blend is to use the eye dropper / colour picker tool and to grab colours from the peice and brush them over again using a brush on low opacity. This can create a very nice grafient-effect.
NotedDreams's avatar
Oh thank you! I'll try that :nod:
And advice is advice no matter the skill level, aha 
Rainiila's avatar
Okay dokey c:
bertus-'s avatar
Hi :) I find these tutorials very clear and good to learn from :…
Hope that helps! <3
NotedDreams's avatar
Oh thank you so much! This really helps :D
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