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work in progress 28th october 2011 ( 19 hours)

soon achieved

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I noticed the Lizards disappear shortly after the work begins. and don't show up till the end. Did you have to layer them in differently for some reason? : O Or did you decide you didn't want them then decide to put them back again? :P Just to add I like seeing the steps like this because when you see the original idea, with most artists, It starts out something simple. Then you can visually see their ideas changing as they form new visions each inspired by the last. The end result always ends up so much more beautiful. Like your lizards. I think the final product is awe inspiring. Especially your decision to put that one curled around that bottle adding an extra cute element to the picture. Let us not forget the boy's changes though. The slow progression as the artists decide which emotion the boy should take on. As one can see from the beginning the expression is vague and hard to describe. But as the art continues to grow so to does the over all feeling expressed in the art. ^ ^ Sorry. Your art was so good I had to gush a little.