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WIP Don't trash your dreams



Watch the second video of the work in progress : [link]

Watch the video of the first steps : [link]

Time : 16 hours (08 22 12)

Don't trash your dreams, they deserve a better lot, another goal,
I know it's hard, long, and sometimes, the result is disappointing,
But, don't trash them, talk about what you expect from the world,
Talk about your hates, your fears, your perplexity, your wishes,...

Please, don't trash your ideas, you hide treasures in your head,
You forget to breathe, your are snuffing out the flame in you,
Don't give up, please, you are a working of the human evolution,
We are young, we need to evolve and you are one of our echos...

Singing about you is singing about us, hustle and open our mind,
Don't trash your dreams, you'll get bored and make war to have fun,
Poeple will be blind, obsessed by power and ready-made thoughts.
Sheeps will govern the world and you will dream of grass and grass.

And I don't want to be a sheep !
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Excellent work! :clap:
wdnest's avatar
:icongoldmedalart: Congrats you are a winner at gold medal art -
AquaSixio's avatar
wow, thank you so much :O
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How many layers did you use in it?

This is not an awesome ability of painting. It's a message, coherent from the first abstract design to the very end of it. That's why it's not some beautiful painting, it's a piece of art. A piece of beautiful art. A concrete, abstract idea. An inner revolution, which has came out. An may light other's revolutions.
AquaSixio's avatar
So many layers... I did crap doing this one, it took me to much time that I didn't work my layers as I wanted. You can check the video, both show the layer combination =)
hurr's avatar
This is incredible... thanks for the inspiration. Including the poem. Sometimes there is beauty in the world, thanks so much.
lasodudel's avatar
What sorcery is this?! :O
There is nothing about this I do not love.
jorgepinillo's avatar
omg sweet colors
Nakanoninaa's avatar
Esraa-chan's avatar
It's magical!! Great job><
itzi95's avatar
This is so beautiful. :)
Kaminski83's avatar
Jang090989's avatar
Man, you are amazing
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WAW.. so nice~!! I LOVE THIS ~~
ArteDB's avatar
trillianheart's avatar
wth... you make it look so easy!
Paipuru's avatar
I can absolutely see your effort!! You are putting your heart into this one<3
Not that you usually don't ;)
ruffscorp's avatar
so eager to see the final one....
MaMatsu's avatar
love the step by step kind of are so lovely in doing it =)
Alicenyans's avatar
You're my inspiration ;^;
ruffscorp's avatar
eager to see the final one..... keep it up!!
Pocky-o-clock's avatar
XD love the random change of the hoop in the last panel
ImaginationSlave's avatar
I love how vivid and clean the basketball board got in that last part.
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