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WIP Candle

By AquaSixio
Work in progress : 14 hours (22th august 2011)
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at first its like "ewww" then its like "YOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
beautiful job~!
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I have a question ;
what do your layers look like as you progress? if you use layers.
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Are you meaning layer by layer ? I am not sure it's interesting, here are some layers :
[link] [link] [link] [link]

I am note sure it's really interesting :p
Marawria's avatar
Do you go by a specific order?

Like I know some people that go , base color, shading, etc.
And like, how many layers do you tend to use ?
I think its really interesting!
To see, how this is done. Especially since your art is so goood.
AquaSixio's avatar
Indeed, there is a specifique order ( I explained it on the tutorial 14) but sometimes I paint spontaneously... forgeting to order my layers..
Marawria's avatar
I'll be sure to look at tutorial 14 then! (:
anaaquilinaaa's avatar
thank you so much for posting this! It'll help when it comes to coloring :)
Mae-ril's avatar
ce que c'est BEAU *__*
AquaSixio's avatar
Merci pour tes commentaires =)
beautiful progression
Orangeyyy's avatar
wow! lovely concept! and i like how your branched out the candles to things like her dress :) ive always love your artwrk and this is no exception
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tatlntael's avatar
This is amazing I have to say. Very unique.
rashidclark's avatar
Amazing. Your work always is.
And in only 14 hours, that floors me.
What software do you use?
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you, I use photoshop CS 2 =)
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soniki360's avatar
I love your hot and cold touches to the picture and all... the wax could pass of as icicles and frost or the other way around, I don't know but it's really great
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Thanks for posting your process shots! Your art work is my far far far away dream of what I'm aiming for, but it's great to see how you do it so it can inspire my practising :)
suraghazwan's avatar
omg !! thats a lot of work that took you 20 hours to finish !! i love the concept .. its an amazing thing to e able to draw this good !! i wish i could be as good as you ! :) .. good luck my friend !! and keep going ! :)
kephart-design's avatar
<3 your use of color!!
metalgearray09's avatar
Absolutely love your paintings. Do you do it all in a single layer?
AquaSixio's avatar
Hello =)

There is many many many layers, for the moment, I used 15 layers for this one
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