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Bonjour, je m'excuse de demander ça, mais je ne suis pas très doué en anglais et j'aimerai savoir si vous aviez des tutos en français ? je trouve votre travail remarquable et j'aurai aimé en tirer quelques enseignements si possible.
Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation.
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thank you for this great tut. I find it very helpful :D
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Have not seen a better, more useful, clealry described, and functional set of tutorials in my entire experience as an illustrator or writer. Congratulations on is a testimony to your talent, genius, and vision.


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Thank you so much for your support =)
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That free transform thing is brilliant! I'm someone who usually starts with a pencil drawing and scans it in, then uses the line tool. I have a problem with anatomy too, so this could really help if i do it your way or with a scan. This is really neat! ^___^

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wow...this must've taken forever to write! thanks for sharing your knowledge :) it really helps
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Thanks for your tutorial, it helps already and I am just reading it, not that I don´t use layers now, I do, but it´s always helpful to check tutorials, usually makes work way easier .)
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Thank you for your comments =)
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Wow. Gonna have to re-read that a few times for it to sink in. Still very grateful.
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wow, this was very helpful, thank you!
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I'm just going to apologize now for filling up your message box, because I'm probably going to end up faving all of your tutorials.

Just thought I should let you know. :D
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You're pictures are only so lovely and beautiful when you work hard on them...
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YOu ser are a god. Thank you for putting this up for us to see.
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I feel silly for asking this, but do your tutorials go in a specific order or is it okei to read them in any order?
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Amazing Tutorial.
As usual I collected a few.
Thanks so much:iconluv1plz::iconluv2plz:
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Man I'd love to buy that magazine just to be able to see your tutorial in there ~
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great stuff.. thanks for helping us
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This may be very helpful
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I have this picture on my computer since a long time. And now I found your deviant. It's... An honor, by a way.
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Very useful tutorial! thanx! 8)
Can you speak more about brush settings for painting the details, finalising the drawing?
Do you always use Photoshop?
What tablet do you use in your work? 8)
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Non Good At Such This Work, Buh Maybe Eventually.. (:3)
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