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Thank you. Really happy I stumbled across your page. :)
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so useful! I love your grasp of colour.
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wonder 6 color combination the swirl, Lights, darkness, mist, buds of clouds, cloud and cloud's form by using Photoshop 7.I have impressed and love this.thanks for sharing with us.!!
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How did you get those pointy ends on the swirl?
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STOP STOP! OMG JUST STOP WITH THE UZUMAKIS! (Uzumaki=Spiral)! OMG JUST.. I saw this disgusting yet awesome manga called Uzumaki, it's about spirals. It's like a strength test not to pee.. JUST.. SO MUCH.. SPIRAL HORROR!
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Thank you so much. This helps me a lot. ^-^
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Thank you sooo much !
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And you're my hero too:)
These tutorials are perfect and you as well.
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Thank you so much for your support :p
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you're my hero
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Thanks c: THACKS!!!!
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Thanks for the tutorials. They are very helpful. I tried to apply it to my pieces. Need to learn from your other tutorials too. So much knowledge.
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thank you God for creating him, his tutorials are extremely helpful! :D
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Very useful! Tanks
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[link] used this lovely tut here- thanks so much!
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omg this is so useful
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I love you, man...
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Great tutorial! I want to try this. I have to wait until I get my computer back from the repair shop.
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these look like they might be fun to try out.
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Thanks! used it here [link]
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I am glad you send me the link ! it's a real pleasure to see it motivated you to draw ! Keep it up !
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