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bluemooze Digital Artist
This is excellent!  Thank you so much.
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asharasharkHobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting! I've not really used flow at all so this is very helpful 
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mimitaradictHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so helpful! 
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InYuJiProfessional Digital Artist
I never thought about working with the brush's flow.
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thank you very much, u helped me a lot, really thanks :) wish u all the best
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Thank you so much^^
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Thank you, this is really helpful! I'm going to check your other tutorials, too :)
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Wolfess10Hobbyist Writer
Quite honestly, I need to do this. Can you make a set of exercises that may help other artists? I think that would be an awesome tutorial. You could have people link back to the original and see what they did different.
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AquaSixioProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for the advice, I will think to this idea =)
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Wolfess10Hobbyist Writer
No problem. I love your tutorials, and think it would be an awesome addition.
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sockdaemonHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!!! :hug:

And "B' reminds me of "griffnuff"'s style in her various paintings.
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NotListeningCatHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it does!
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Thanks a lot for the help :nod:
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AstrikosHobbyist Artist
Your tutorial has been featured here
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Thank you~!!
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Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques with us!
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bubbIiesHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing 8D
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Kiri-RazaelHobbyist Photographer
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NADA-PurpleWinterHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for your help, your work is admirable =D!!
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UltermartoStudent Digital Artist
Hmm. F looks a little like my speed paintings, and G kinda like my line-art before I start painting something. I guess that's because I've been neglecting my flow. I'll try some of these approaches. Thankyou.
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xStelmariaxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, thanks so much for this. I've never quite grasped the difference between opacity and flow, now I know. Thanks!
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Je regrette de ne pas assez bien parler anglais pour comprendre les tutoriaux sur devianART.
Cela dit cela m'aide quand même dans mes compositions artistiques.
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AleRafaHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't believe how great your tutorials are!! Just what I was looking for!
I've never done anything with color and rarely use photoshop because there are so many things I don't understand yet...
This will be very very useful.
Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Really useful, thank you!
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