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Thank you, your so earnest with you're tutorials and also very thorough, it's such a delight to go through these. I am sure without a doubt your tutorials are the best on DA :hug:
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ouah ! very interesting ! thanks a lot :D
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Awesome tutorial. I cant draw but love to dabble, paint and learn. I will surely use this method.
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I can explain the usefulness of flipping the picture: Everyone has a dominant eye, the same way they have a dominant hand. Flipping the picture horizontally helps to eliminate imbalances this creates.

Je clarifie l'utilité d'inversion de l'image: Tout le monde a un œil dominant, même qu'ils ont une main dominante. Inversion de l'image horizontalement aide à éliminer les déséquilibres que cela crée.

(J'ai oublié presque tout mon français. Desolée... :hmm:)
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Your french is perfect =)
Indeed.... my dominante eye and hand get me into trouble, so many times ! ^^;
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I actually like the blur effect..It focuses on the depressed Olivia but still, the other things around her compliments it well..but it's still beautiful
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I wanted to use this tutorial since monday, but I still think it will turn out horrible... Your paintings are too amazing T^T

I'm now, like, on the step after A and before B of this tut, but I had no idea what colors I want to use so it's all blue. What should I do now? I still don't have an idea for the colors. And how to sharpen lines... It's all black magic for me! ._.
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All blue ? add a blue-purple and a orange , you need some contrasts to emboss !
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It's some rocks, water, grass and forest in the bg (i'll add two people on the rocks later). Can it be, like, green instead of orange? Btw how do i put colors and sharpen the lines now, exactly? I don't have any idea what brush to use! :XD:
Thanks for help, btw... :)
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yes, but green is another cold color, you need something to give contrast too. You can change the orange into brown or a dark red. but the most important is too have fun !
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Ok, I'll try adding brown.
Thanks, Sixio. Really, really big thanks for your help! :)
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Eh, I suck in drawing at the moment and wanted to change a style to learn a few things. But my only program is GIMP now. It isn't compatible with WACOM tablet, uhh...
Where have you got your PS7 from? Did you download a pirate version or you bought one?
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I use the PS CS2 of my brother =)
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Thanks for this explications ^_^ !
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wow. that's alot of patience. i kind of like the texture of the tree trunk in the final. its super cracked look gives it that feeling of old, wise, and shows that it has been through alot in its life time. i really like it. you have some real talent there!
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Thank you for all your comments =p
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no problem! its my honor to look at such fine art!
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Stunning!! O.o That is so Amazing!
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I really like this. It ahs a lot fo great hints. ^^ I can't believe the patience it must have taken to make this. Do you think this hard on all of your pictures?
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So much perverance and patience... =)
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just awesome!!! :')
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this was a very lovely, very well thought-out tutorial. Thanks! :)
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