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Aaaaa your art is so satisfying 
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This is great, is there a link to the final picture? I really like it :3
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;3; ahh thank you ^-^ I'd buy it as a print if I had the money<3
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All of your tutorial are very helpful, thanks
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I'm sorry, could you please explain once again about "try" layer ? I did not understand this point, sorry (
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The "try" layer is a layer  I merge down (on the main layer) if I think the thing I change worth it =)
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You have a mastery over color and light.
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Whereis tutorial 1? I see 2- 17 and two retrospectives.
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I lost it, so many years ago ^^;
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Great combination of elements! :3
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Thanks a lot, Valuable and useful information
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Nice! I'll try drawin something using your tutorial. ^^
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I really like the idea of the "try" layer! I've never even thought of that before... my computer hates me when I try to run too many layers on a picture. Love your tutorials!
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Pardon, but i'm not really clear about how to contrast the color of light and water... would you mind to give me an explanation, pleaseee >.<
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I don't really remember this tutorial, I suppose I meant " contrast of light and shadows" ?
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Thank you for sharing!!!
Incredible for Photoshop 7 awesome tut
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