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thank you so much ^_^. I'm practicing your techniques 
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Salut, j'ai essayé ici (j'apprends le digital painting et c'est mon tout premier alors soyez indulgent :D…
J'espère que tu me donneras des conseils/critiques ;)
Love your work
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i see that the circles suddenly have a texture from tle last step. how did you do that?
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I absolutely love your tutorials! They've really helped me out :) Thank you!
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This is fantastic! Thanks for the help.
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I love all your work and am so thankful for your tutorials <3
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I just have to say a huge thank you for posting these awesome tutorials :)

I have a small wacom tablet and I draw daily. I cannot get my head around drawing backgrounds as I like to focus on the details, but with things like this, I'm sure I'll get there! :)
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This is amazing! Thank you for all your tutorials. My question is maybe not related with clouds, but I always think the same.
What is better, do first the character and objects or the BackGround? I don't know how to do it, in which order. Well, thanks for reading, and I will watch you 'cause you're awesome!*-*
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Thank you :)
I think it would de better to start with the background, because you can easily find the light/shadow of the skin once you know where the character's scene takes place :)
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You are very welcome! *-*
Ow, true. It's a good reason. I like this, so I will start my ilustration with the BG.
Working with photoshop how can you blend colours? I mean, It's better use the "Blur" or with a soft brush?
Thankies again, and sorry if I bother you! ><
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Can I translate this into Chinese?I want to share this with my friends/w\.
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Hello :)

Of course you can :p I would be glad to see the result :)
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Where is tutorial 1?
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Good question ! I ddeleted  it because it was not ineteresting :)
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Since I started watching you, I always wondered how you draw your beautiful and unique clouds. Then I had to draw clouds for a new drawing, and since I'm a beginner in drawing background (lazy) I was happy to see you have a tutorial about this!
I'm not happy at all with how mine turned out, need more practice:P Take a look if you want :)…
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This is really interesting. I especially like the color you used. 
About this tutorial, I think it was a "nice" way to do clouds when I started but I didn't know about the " special brush "
If you want to practice the brush I use today for the clouds, they are there :

Continue to draw !

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Oh thank you very much, I will check them out! :) :thumbsup:
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You made my day with this, okay the day is almost over but hey, tomorrow I will start to colorize my current piece and I will definetly try to adapt this tutorial for my own clouds.
Because I love your clouds. And your art, simply everything of it. Keep up the good work Oo And thank you a hundred times Oo Nay a tousand times!
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Thank you so much for your message, I am so glad you appreciated my tutorial :p
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What program you use to coloring it? And do you use tablet?
It is possible to coloring like your style with different program and use a mouse?
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