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This is a great tutorial, thank you so much!

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SachikoKurisuHobbyist Digital Artist
I use this theory for my fluid paintings and I have never had such unbelievable contrasts that work so well. Thank you for sharing your color theory with us!
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DariaKoumoriHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I'll try to use your advises in my next drawings 
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MariaIrisStudent Digital Artist
Thank you !!!!
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thegreatsixHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing!
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MrMopokeStudent Digital Artist
I love this so much, this will be so much help!
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WillVinciStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!)))I got stuck with my illustration colour palette)))And you tut was very helpfuL))
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Molto buono, bravissimo!!!! Grazie :D (Big Grin) 
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POND-OProfessional Digital Artist
Great work mate on all of these!
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danestorProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing! Thanks
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everminStudent General Artist
I.. I just had a color theory revelation explained to me through beautiful turtles and copulation.


To be honest the split complementary triad was the thing I paid the least attention to when learning about color in art class. Didn't realize it (or something similar) could be used like this. Whoops!
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modrawmanga Digital Artist
thank you for making this tutorial, I really appreciate it Nod 
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Animated-sonicfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
This will be a geat help.
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S1MeonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how you follow a strict color scheme, I really need to start doing that
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Colour theory is so confusing.
I WILL LEARN Cry forever 
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espeonlespeonHobbyist Digital Artist
A general rule I follow when remembering how to work with colors is that there's always most likely one to three dedicated ambient colors of the atmosphere. Warm colors for war climates such as interior rooms and sunlit beaches, cool colors for mountains, forests and other heavily shaded regions. Select your color based on how bright or calm it is. If it looks washed out, it's a calmer color. When shading or coloring for a realistic effect you will want a blue to darken as it goes away from light. A very good practice is to pick your colors, colors that compliment one another in hue, hue is what colors look great together almost as if they belong to one another. This is a trial and error thing and color wheels do a pretty great job of explaining how color spectrum works but it's a complicated concept to grasp as a beginner. I learned from watching what other artists do and trying my own thing. I make way more mistakes more often but, when I'm done with a piece it satisfies me and allows me to move to the next instead of dwelling on a concept too long. Art is about experience and time spent doing. You learn more from trying new twists on basic concepts, add little horns to a circle, add a circle to a circle and draw lines to merge them into an oblong shape to form a head and then just add little details such as eyes and noses.

This same practice can be applied to color, to make a great shade you will want a great base color and an idea of where you want to take it. As for stuff like pop art and vectors, just stick to flat color and maybe do the street artists approach of a little white line with a dash at the end to draw attention and make the design *POP*!
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Yup! I can see artists doing that. Though, I really do like how when some designs leave the whole character in black and white and only colour the eyes with a vibrant blue or green (or red or yellow).
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espeonlespeonHobbyist Digital Artist
Same here, I really love highlighted segments on art pieces.
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Love it! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm so excited, but I just love it. Can't imagine how I needed something like this *^*
Thank you so much for taking the time for doing it, you're a very cool person :'D
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Thank you for doing this!!! This is seriously helping me as I don't really understand color theory I'm learning from these!! 
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vynariaStudent Digital Artist
This is so kind of you to put these together. You are seriously the best. I've been learning more and more about colour theory and other things from these. Thank you so much! :D
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black3Hobbyist General Artist
I tried!… did I got it right?
I found this tutorial interesting and helpful, so thanks! I gotta practice more....
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le-procrastinatorzStudent General Artist
I do not understand this at all.
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