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nice tutorial
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Syst2mHobbyist General Artist
This is my favourite tutorial ever <3
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DekelsaStudent Digital Artist
never in my life would i think I'd see a turtle used as a pallet, creative AND useful <3
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FancyPaintsStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your awesome tutorials! I struggle with colour theory and picking colours for my artworks and now I can see things more clearly thanks to you!
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Buruzaitama General Artist
Thank you! ♥
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cicakkiaProfessional Digital Artist
Oh wow, Never thought I'm seeing tutorial got DD. But seriously, this absolutely most advanced tutorial with pretty good information and explanation. this so helpful consider I always struggle making choices of my own color scheme. :)
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ArtForJoyHobbyist General Artist
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noticemebae93Hobbyist Artist
what program do you use for drawing? 

its very interesting me 
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Amazing tutorial and artwork, now I'll have to check your whole gallery ~
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amadavatHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is a super cool way to think about color balance! It was actually really fun to read, and will definitely use :)
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DedalociousHobbyist General Artist
by watching thi i think i love you now
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CorterriHobbyist Digital Artist
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GoldenNib1922Student Traditional Artist
Wow, someone actually got offended by this tutorial on finding color schemes.
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LillendandieProfessional Digital Artist
Does "Parent #1" and "Parent #2" work? I don't think American English is this artist's first language so they may not perceive the full connotation of the words the same as yourself. 
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MiddyRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
do u know where babies come from 
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oxidised-heartsHobbyist General Artist
How the hell would you have named it then? Turtle Female #1 + Turtle Female #2 = Sand crab???
He used turtles because of their shells being able to represent colour palettes, with the use of baby turtles representing the mix of the two colour palettes because *le gasp* children's physical appearance depends almost entirely on their parents.

This isn't heteronormative and it isn't childfree hating, for these reasons:
1. They're turtles. They need a female and male to reproduce. It's simple biology, or did you not learn that in school?
2. You don't want children? Literally no one gives a fuck. He didn't put baby turtles in here just to say to you that you must play your role in human survival and do the straight frickle frackle without a love glove.
3. As slinkydoodle mentioned below, they're fucking turtles.

Get off your fucking high horse and stop being so fucking oversensitive. Not everyone in the world is against you. Not everyone in the world gives a fuck about you. You are only 1 out of 7.5 billion people. Open your eyes and realise that.
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slinkydoodleStudent General Artist
theyre fucking turtles
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SpoonPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
this reply holy fucking hell I can't stop laughing
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CombotheBeehenHobbyist General Artist
A bit hard at the beginning just in case...! :D
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LiirisHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I have a question, do I use two opposite saturated colors? Or one saturated and the other less? Im not professional and I'm afraid of doing something wrong then hurt people's eyes
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I love your work so much. Great inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your techniques. :))))
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NidiAngelHobbyist Digital Artist
Loved the explanation..... Very creative!DeviantArt Hug  
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FirebornForm Digital Artist
Now THIS is what I call a damn fine exploration of vivid color theory.
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