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Holy... this is so helpful! Thank you so much - I will now proceed to spend the next few hours going through all your other tutorials <3
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amazing X,,D . Thank's a lot for your share :D (Big Grin)  :happybounce:  Love :D (Big Grin), hope can try this turitorial well X,,)
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Thank you so much for time and patience to do these tutorials and sharing with us. They are really helpful!
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This is such a great tutorial! I'm so inspired by your work! thank you so much! :D <3
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This is amazing and just what I need!!! Thank you so much for explaining some layer effects!
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Wow, that was a great tutorial. I'm off to play with AL now!
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The last sample image is so pretty. *u*
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I'm checking all your tutorials again because there are simply amazing xD I love your work. I've worked a lot with colour balance for a while, but just now I realised you can make an actual adjustment layer, instead of merging all the layer and then go to adjustments xD Thanks a lot! 
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Haha, don't worry, it's normal, as for me, I don't know all the possibilities of photoshop :)
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I don't think you really need to, you do perfect works with what you know :D
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Thanks for the tutorial >.< .. this really helps me!!
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I'm kind of jealous that you never went to art school and you are so good. Ya your proportions are alittle off here and there but over all you are amazing with your understanding of colors. I'm a sophomore/junior art student and im no where near this good yet


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Don't be jealous, I lack a lot of notions, you will be more self confident that I am :) 
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you are vary talented! keep growing! :3
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awsome @_@

thankyou for your help :)
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this is fantastic; your painting looks so effortless ;-; thank you for sharing<3
now i can actually USE adjustment layers instead of just messing around with them
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Wow ! I just love your tutorials, they are so great and well explain ! Thanks a lot !
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Thank you for all your comments =)
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you are amazing!
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Thanks for this. I knew nothing about Adjustment Layers before I read it, and now I know a tiny bit more (still PRACTICALLY nothing, but I'm sure that'll change when I read this another hundred times). SO MANY TUTORIALS TO GET THROUGH!
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merci pour beaucoup pour ces tutos qui vont m'aider à progresser ^^
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This was Extremely useful! I ususally use the Levels AL or color editing but color balance seems to do so much more :D
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Your tutorials are so amazing!! :D
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