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That bark looks great. Really good tute!
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useful tutorial! i love it!
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Thank you for all your tutorials. It's too complicated for me, but it's very well explained. Bravo. :)
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Unfortunate shaped example in the grass part section!
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Oh wow! I enjoy every single tutorial you uploaded, and I always learn something new. Thanks alot!
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Your tutorials are just fantastic, they helped me a lot! Now I understand all the stuff with the color balance and perspective, thank you so so much for helping us with these amazing tutorials!
AquaSixio's avatar
So great, I am happy to help you =)
xoxallyxd's avatar
THANK YOU~ This helped a ton!
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That helped me a lot! I love your stuff and can't wait to try some of these tips!
XtreamCrazy's avatar
This is insanely useful. I'm beginning to paint landscapes and such, and these are the sorts of things I find to be quite tricky. Thanks so much for this amazing tutorial!
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I love this tutorial, it's so detailed, and really big help for artists who are beginners like me =) Thank you so much for all the time taken to help us =)
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Thanks for the great tutorials! I love your color expression. ^^
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awesome tutorial
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you for your comments =)
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Oh this is a great tutorial! :la:
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Your tutorials are so helpful! ^^ Thank you very much! Merci! ;)
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How funny! We do bark in basically the same way.

That said - I REALLY love your technique for water. Will have to try it sometime!
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hey, thanks for this awesome tutorial! :la:
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do clouds please? I'm terrible at drawing them
dragonsyth1's avatar
nevermind, you already have in an older one, awesome tutorials :) made me want to digipaint, but then I went and tried and my tablets not working :(
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that's what i call cheerfull
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love the tutorials :) ur an awesome artist :D
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