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Who can learn from other people who already has the expertise, and skill.

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laurinssideHobbyist Digital Artist

This is awesome thank you for this!

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goosetoothHobbyist General Artist
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IthriFTLHobbyist General Artist
I really love you tutorials, thanks !
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TechnemancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the help, I look forward to reading more of your tutorials in the future.
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chlorekpotasuHobbyist General Artist
thats so helpful and inspiring, thank you a lot!! x
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SuperSarcosmicStudent General Artist
...What does "How to have six' with colors" even mean? 

It might be because it's 4am and I'm tired, but this was very difficult for me to read, let alone process and understand. Too many colors, too much going on, not even sure what order to read things in. 

Looking at the finished bits, it looks like you really do have a nice grasp of color! I like it! But the layout of this tutorial is too difficult for me to keep up with. :( 
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LittleMissPriscelliaHobbyist Digital Artist
thank youuuu X3
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izzi3bootzStudent Traditional Artist
thanks, very helpful! 
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Ou-renStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you for sharing! This seems really helpful!
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hirkeyHobbyist Digital Artist
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KirBaraStudent General Artist
i like you tutorial :D
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Thank you so much for these tutorials, they are a big help. ;v; 
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thx !! very hopeful
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im study on this wine..  OMG         i mean this one.. .   tnx...
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DijahStudent General Artist
Helpful and awesome!
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Wonderful, thank you  :D (Big Grin) 
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Bluefire-AmaterasuStudent Digital Artist
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
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AsrathStudent General Artist
All your tutorials are beautifully made and nice to read through, but most of all; they are incredibly helpful, well thought over and thoroughly explained. Thanks lots for making them! :)
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MasterVermillionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! This is super helpful! and nice pun ^^
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pray-then-goStudent General Artist
Very nice pun. Amazing tutorial.
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GustavCHobbyist General Artist
WOW! It´s a great tutorial! Thanks!
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bubbIiesHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it. :D
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