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Tuto 17 : underconstruction

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thank for this tuto, i don't understand all of this (english is not my mother tong). But it's clear for lot of thing.
I will try this when i can *o*
LiHue-kun's avatar
This is so cool! It helped me a lot!! Could you please make a color turtle to fill up with colors? Or color turtles like a palette challenge? IDK just if you want
Hasur-Arts's avatar
nice nice nice! it will be helpfull!
Thanks :3
Your colours are just beautiful. I love the sleeping girl. Thanks so much for showing how you select colour. Have learnt a lot.
Yaraordre's avatar
This is so instructive! I love it!
ElfyneInWonderland's avatar
Thank you !! i'll try to adopt one of your turtles :)
FindingNorth's avatar
really helped me out!
JosephEquinox's avatar
So much to learn :faint:
i like it, thanks for your time
Sivenrout's avatar
Thanks for your amazing work !
It's simply/clear and sometimes funny. What more ?
VodkaHawk's avatar
oh! what a poetic way to put it, i love!
and it really puts colours into perspective, merci
HikariAiSuri's avatar
This really is awesome ;P
The turtle is just so cute! It gets the idea across pretty well, as well :)
iamniquey's avatar
I love your color theory tutorials. It's like taking a dive into a wonderfully enigmatic labyrinth of a mind. I hope to one day grasp at least half of what seems to come so easily to you! :love:
Drizles's avatar
This is a wonderfully unique take on color. Thanks for giving us a view into your artistic mind!
BlutigeHandPlus1's avatar
Loving it! So awesome!
PetiteBubu's avatar
I love your way of teaching :) Thank you for your tutorial!
This is amazing. It's like seeing the process of a genius mind at work. It's definitely a tool that works! Thanks for sharing this! :heart:

Some minor corrections:
I chose an artwork..."symbolize" the gradient.
...several new moods are possible...
"Mom" is represented...cold tones are reserved for "Dad."
With a beauty spot on the shell
...I choose two different colors...
I call it a beauty spot...
The turquoise leaves lighten the dark part.
...the salmon dress....contrasts with the underwater scene.
How many times do I change the color balance? A million times.
Why do I change the point of view so many times?
...I feel like an idiot...
Tweak away!
The point of view changes...
This orange will ease the contrast!
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you for the corrections ! =) I will fix them !
You're welcome :) Glad I could help you help us! :D
NiennaFelagund's avatar
Your take on this is really original, and I'd love to try it out! :) You've inspired me. Please keep doing these tutorials, they help a lot
Annqueru's avatar
Very, very well put. And the turtles are so cute! :D
anzel-muzik's avatar
woah this is amazing.... oAo
Dj94's avatar
I love how you made a tutorial with turtles, genius!
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