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Silent prayers



[EDIT] Color Change. Old version here [link] [EDIT]

Chained in the net and begging for mercy,
Melody sees her feathers falling second after second.
And the cold jail of the wrong heaven
is echoing, with her silent prayers.

Un ange sans ses ailes est un ange qui tombe.

An angel without wings, is an angel who falls.

* Full view: [link] *

When I was 17 ( 2002 ), my parents bought me some watercolours for my birthday.
I didn't know how use it but I took a big white sheet, and I did my first painting.
You are certainly wondering why I am speaking about it ( if your are able to traduce my english of course ^^ ).The painting represented an angel hung by some dark ties, in a jail, with a window in the blue background :)

The kanji say: honor, courage, justice, freedom...

I will try to find my old painting ( but this summer, I put my cupboard in order... i am wondering if... hum probably I will never find it ^^; ).

Finally I finished this drawing instead of the tutorial of save our souls, but I promise, be patient :]

Time: Arround 26 hours
Software: photoshop 7
Character: Melody
Print: available
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It's amazing...would u let me download this and use it in a card game I'm making ang give u credit for it
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I can relate to this OMG. Beautiful artwork!
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really beautiful!
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Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I cannot express properly how much I adore this!
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are those actually Chinese words in the background? I can read "hope" and "peace." 
I really really really love how you can express so much in your artwork so delicately and beautifully
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I was wondering if I could use this picture in one of my presentations for school.
I just need to know some information so that I can create proper citations to give you the credit.
-composition year
-plate #(if there is one)

thank you
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Just so beautiful. Love her wings and outfit...and the atmosphere. Nice lighting, also!
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Beautiful sadness
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This is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
I love.
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So beautiful and sad.
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soooo epic !!! It's so cute plz! It's so cute plz! 
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I know =) I am a care bear :p
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beautiful pic but so sadWaaaah! 
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May I post this on my tumblr blog? Of course, like what I do with anything else I put on there, I will put this:


You can see said blog here: www.theblackbladeheros.tumblr.…
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Thank you for the feature =)
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You´re very welcome
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an amazing piece!
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