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Do you love me when you ask if I love you ?
I will make you cry, whatever the answers.
You remain upset, even if I dry your tears.
You had an hard day but it’s not a reason… 
Show me love : just tell me what happens ? 

Time : 12  h00 hours
Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Inspired from :…

Video (2H00) :

WIP : 

WIP of show me love by AquaSixio
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Wow thats what im feeling right now hit me deep in the soul
Amazing artwork!
wdnest's avatar

Great concept

How to get these small people?

These are so cute! Do you draw by yourself?

:tux: :leetcrab:

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I just want to let you know I saw this art back in 2016 and forgot the artist and I've been looking for this one for the past 5 days and I'm so happy I finally found it! Thank you for your art <3

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Violence of the Mind!

SirPixis's avatar
Beautiful image. Very interesting concept. Really drives home how overwhelming sadness and depression can be.
Fedebach94's avatar
Fantastic work!
I love your work, it is simply amazing!
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And this is why the stores always out of hand towels when I go shopping 
CassandraTroy21's avatar
This seems to be related to gender violence.
gnupunk--macromagic's avatar
More psychological violence.
PlasticSinks's avatar
This hit me hard and I didn't even understand why
Touching piece and really well executed, the only thing that looks a little weird to me is the lower part of the eye
HumbletoHustle's avatar
The eyes give me creep..
Wolfeskeey's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely amazing!! Keep up the good work!
DancingWolf229's avatar
The longer you look, the more you see! Absolutely love it!
JoaoFofuchinho's avatar
this is epic! very good!
Gojilion91's avatar
:D This is really fantastic!!
The-Lord-Apex's avatar
I feel as if it's trying to be symbolic of something, but all I can think about is how uncomfortable that would be.
qirien's avatar
Fabulous surrealism that makes us uncomfortable enough to look deeper.
I love this and it really gets to me. I have Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and someone posted this in our Facebook  support group.  I am currently going through multiple surgeries to get my eye moved back into place (TED causes your eyes to bulge out of your head). My husband is supporting me as best he can but I am in a ton of pain and there is nothing he can really do but be there for me. This image really depicts what I am currently feeling. It is amazing. Could you tell me how I can purchase a print? Thanks! 
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God how can you be so immature omg...
Do you think one moment to the artist ?
He puts all his feelings and his heart in this drawing, i think this is a bit a vent
But dude be more constructive please when you say you don't like something
Maybe you didn't had a good day but please don't affect the others

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