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SCORPIO from the Dancing Zodiac



Related to my new serie : The dancing Zodiac

The dancing zodiac project by AquaSixio

Time : 17 
h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (2H00) :…

WIP : 

WIP of Dancing zodiac  SCORPIO by AquaSixio


WIP of Dancing Zodiac Sagittarius by AquaSixio

PISCES : PISCES from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixio

LIBRA : LIBRA from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixio
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Hi, your art is featured in "Blue Mist" by TheStoryTellerInMe

MashaSchwartz's avatar
I love your story and his art. If you have a chance please check out mine. I've love to collaborate and get feedback from you about my pieces. Thanks, Masha

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Oooh, it's quite unique from the others with an second person in it, and I love how much darker it is!
claudia8wong's avatar
These are all so beautiful...
Nine-Pixels's avatar
she is so flexible...
i cant even make a right angle with my legs....
zuko-agni's avatar
This is so, so beautiful!
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DelTa-DRagon7997's avatar
Incredible! I love how the leg resembles a scorpion's tail, the way it's arched menacingly like that. And the tip of the shoe is pointed like the stinger. Very clever!
One-Percent's avatar
This looks extraordinary!
I thought it was photomanipulation (the girl looks so real) and then I realized it was 100% a paiting! Incredible!

The idea is so original too!
Really well done :heart:
trishkhb's avatar
Wow love the colour my favourite
Plague1nfestedcandy's avatar
This is beautiful, the way she bends without straining is amazing. she looks so graceful, this is stunning!
Julietquinzel's avatar
All of your art is so unique and beautiful!
Dancing-Miriam's avatar
ohohohooo So proud to be a Scorpio! >:D
SnappedWires's avatar
I'm so glad they're not summoning a massive wave of scorpions >_<
S-JamshidSadat2015's avatar
Really nice, like it
Elheym's avatar
Her right leg looks...twisted? It doesn't seem to be a "realistic" position for her leg but it might have been done on purpose. Stunning artwork anyway ;)
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