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The 23th november 2003, I drew my first "shit".

It's not easy to do a retrospection of some years of works. The idea is to show or, " to testify" ( even if I know the meaning of this word in english is different than french ) my course since the beginning.

It's' not an endding, but I reach the dawn of my profession of psychologist, and I have to give this period of my life for lost. It doesn't mean I will stop to draw ( my new drawing is coming at the first weekof december), " mais je veux témoigner de ma singularité, de ce Cyril qui n'est plus vraiment Aquasixio, mais qui refuse de l'oublier car il fait parti de lui. Je veux en garder la trace, pour moi, pour vous."

That's why, once again naked front of you, I give you my Retrospection-Introspection.

The links are the gathering of the drawings ( + drawings not shown) in real size, for each period.

1 Noob time : [link]
2 Reaslim : [link]
3 Neo-realism : [link]
4 First step ps7 : [link]
5 Telling stories : [link]
6 & 7 Show must go on : [link]

GOATZ : [link]
LI : [link]
RAMY - VALET : [link]


GO GAIA: [link]

NOOB : ( [link] )
A newbie is a newcomer to a particular field, the term being commonly used on the Internet, where it might refer to new, inexperienced, or ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself. The term is generally regarded as an insult, although in many cases more experienced/knowledgeable people use it in purposes of negative reinforcement, urging "newbies" to learn more about the field or area in question.

OEKAKI : ( [link] )
Oekaki is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, literally meaning "to doodle". On the Internet, an Oekaki is a message board system that revolves around computer art created by a local art program. Oekaki artists often post their art to other websites, such as personal pages or free gallery websites, in addition to the original board.


WACOM ( [link] )

Tutoriel #14 : Photo reference
Tutoriel #13 : Water
Tutorial #12 : Creativity
Tutorial #11 : Three textures
Tutorial #10 : Color
Tutorial #9 : Layer
Tutorial #8 : Cloud 2
Tutorial #7 : Arround a drawing 3
Tutorial #6 : Brush
Tutorial #5 : Arround a drawing 2
Tutorial #4 : Arround a drawing 1
Tutorial #3 : Light and shadow
Tutorial #2 : Cloud 1

Retrospection 2004 - 2012
Retrospection 2004 - 2007
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VIXXizz2000's avatar
oh god this is so inspiring TT
minightrose12's avatar
Your journey is inspiring. Nothing becomes uglier when you put your whole heart and soul to it; and it is shown in your progress and motivation to be known through those years. I wish I can be like you, someone who has time to draw. I'm also studying to become a psychologist (but as a Liberal Arts student though), still sometimes i don't even have time to draw or to be bitten with any inspiration to do what you have done. I admire your growth, ambition, and works. I wish I can be as good as you, as I find a style that is absolutely a "ME" brand. You're amasing! Please don't stop doing what you do best! To inspire!!!
shaynah1's avatar
I can't believe your a psychologist! I want to be a psychiatrist or psychologist when I grow up. I still want art as a hobby though, and I am soooo happy I found a person who actually is that! Yay! <3
AntCommander's avatar
Thank you for creating this. My progress is really slow but when i work hard i hope i will reach my goals as well some day...
xXxFefyxXx's avatar
Wow, that's great and inspiring for me!
I'm a "noob" now, and i'm trying to take a cue from you and other deviant-members, but I can't do anything ç_ç It's so demoralizing...
I know that it takes some time, but I try and we try again without concluding nothing ç_ç
Thank you for your support and your fantastic paintings ;)

AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you  :) be perspervering, if you have something to say, it will go easily :)
Naftalina25's avatar
Oh my... this made me feel so good :heart:
I'm still starting to make digital art, so I'm quite a noob ^^;
Though it is obvios, seeing like this that even the biggest artists start as noobs makes me feel better and want to improve my skills each time more; makes me feel very motivated! Thank you a lot for this!

It is very nice to see how you've improved and became this great artist, I wish I improve too :dalove:
Dorian-Harker's avatar
very inspiring and a good idea, too!
RyanD-13's avatar
Thank you very much! This means a lot to me, I'm not a student who major in art, but without it, my life is boring, maybe, a bit meaningless. I'm also afraid of losing my way of drawing in the future... too many things, too busy... and your meme inspires me a lot! Merci beaucoup!! :D (I've just learned French recently, not really good though)
AquaSixio's avatar
Oh, thank you ! I am really happy to read this deviation inspire you to continue to draw, express yourself :p
MTGraphiste's avatar
It's a very good idea to have made this retrospective where we can see your evolution step by step since your beginning to today.

Thanks you again !
LauraPatrisha's avatar
I just found your gallery and was Amazed by your artwork, then I came here and found this and it's even more amazing.

You're a great artist, and I thank you for showing the hard work it took you to get there. 

Again thank you it helps me to be motivated and keep practicing. :)
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you so much for your message and you r support :o
SpitefulPurpose's avatar
Wow, this is incredible. I am truly inspired by your growth as an artist. I can really relate to you about getting into these periods of "Not drawing". 
congatrehp's avatar
can you tell me more about reaslim or other link ? i can't watch video in this part~~
nakovalnya-artist's avatar
It was very interesting to read about your growth  as an artist. I would like to say that I'm very inspired and can't express how I'm thankful for you. I still thought that I'm too old (I'm 23) to create something special, but now I know I'm a stupid girl :)
It's really hard to find your own style, and it is the most important thing, I think. I hope, I'll find it someday :)
Continue drawing, be always inspired and keep people inspired as well! :)
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you so much for your warm words =)
Nanaa13's avatar
I'm pretty sure I will never draw like you, but at least I can see your art.
Very inspiring, thanks for being here and sharing your work :)

sweetxxrain12's avatar
thank you for sharing this. it's very inspiring
TigerPanzer's avatar
i felt like i was too late to learn digital painting by this time
but then i saw this, i feel so motivated :iconblushingplz:
SeijiMarcelo's avatar
This make me continue trying to paint!
I was uninspired.

AquaSixio's avatar
I am glad it motivates you ! =)
envydevil's avatar
wowowoowoowoww.. amazing
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