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Raw Ambition



Everyday, I grasp at very meagre hopes of improvement,

Mountains are sharp hillocks, oceans are just big puddles. 

With effort of will, everyday I try my hardest to be excellent, 

The bar is not higher and I am not tired of these struggles !

Everyday, I try fight with my own shadow, to my detriment…

Holding onto hope that my muscles won’t burst like bubbles.

Video Part (2h30 hours) :…

Time : 8h00 hours
Software : Photoshop CS6

WIP : 

WIP Raw Ambition by AquaSixio

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Very interesting use of strength imagery

Belle-Skies's avatar
Wow! This is amazing!!!
gwennyp's avatar
your pictures are very powerfull and at the same time romanticly dreaming surreal.
ZiskaJa's avatar
Scary, but great!
Elmachine's avatar
This picture is baking me so emotional right now! It's incredible and genuinely inspiring! The clear metaphors is not blatantly obvious to a painful cringe, it is a thought not many have thought of, yet can understand mere moments inward. The mountain climber is purely hilarious and I couldn't help but cheer him on! Must be the ambitious part of this dreamy picture! I am also just amazes by the dedicayion in the fiber details like the hands and crevices. The colour gives it this natural feel, and a... Newish vibe to it. Makes it seem natural to challenge oneself!

Also, the underside of his tricep reminds me if and old pineapple or an exoskeleton.
HowdyZZZ's avatar
Love the poetry as well
omzig89's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Popeye the Sailor!
Irastotle's avatar
This kind of reminds me of something Arnold Schwarzenegger once said; that when he did bicep curls, he envisioned himself pushing up mountains. 
SofiaMeteora's avatar
LordTheDarkness's avatar
Amazing , you really did a great job with the colors and i must say , you have a talent in choosing colors and i liked the sun effect too , it's make the picture more beautiful , well done and keep up the good work
kuzco890's avatar
choice of colour is perfect  Clap 
jennishly's avatar
LOVE this. :) Well done.
bushells's avatar
Nice, where did you get the ideas for this piece?
AquaSixio's avatar
I drew this painting for my father, he is strong :)
LucieKaori's avatar
Waw... stunning ! Really fascinating, I love the colors ! 
WolfStaronChild14's avatar
all those days at the gym finally payed off lol. :) really amazing work though. 
kangkyoungrim's avatar
it's very funny!!! 
ti-DESIGN's avatar
A print of this would be a fantastic gift for someone who likes to climb. :) Awesome piece here!
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you so much ! 
SaimonasHai's avatar
Coolest thing i've ever seen ._.
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