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Pursuit of Happiness

By AquaSixio
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Video of the first steps: [link]

I am not shy but I can't stay in one place any longer.
Often, you don't notice I am already on your shoulder,
But when I leave you, you may feel a bit heavyhearted.

My feathers are sweet and soothing like a fresh water,
You can collect them, as a photo or words in your dairy,
However you will never capture me in a tissue or a flask.

A lot of people don't believe I exist, they get over this.
Some of them think I am made of gold or colorful drugs,
Others can run away or attack me when I am approaching.

Many are those who are looking for a moment with me,
But they easily head for a wrong way, even if I call back.
I saw a lot of persons endangering their live to find me,
Several of them called me Death, War, Power or God.

Mostly time, if you catch me, you want more so I vanish.
Like for candy, the expectation is a hard moment to live,
Once consumed, the sweet things end tasteless, useless.
The best moment was the desire, a journey for the hope,

I exist when you pursue me, I disappear when you get me.

Time : 12 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Work in progress : [link]
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C'est magnifique ! Que se soit l'image ou le poème, tout est beau ! D'ailleurs ce n'est pas seulement le cas de cette image, j'adore l'ensemble de ton travail, la beauté de ton art, le sens derrière chaque image... Je suis fan ! <3

Une petite question : Est ce toi qui écris les poèmes ? Si non, quelles sont tes sources ?
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Wow- the poem- the art! I can't this is my type of stuff!
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Wonderful and heaveny
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I love the colour scheme in this - gorgeous work!
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This is very beautiful I'm enjoying it so much! Onto my favorites!!! :)
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Really like the motion you've captured.
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i saw this pic in youtube on  a song...
Great picture man, so great. Love it.
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Beautiful Picture :)
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Cool keep it up man !
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I just figured he'd be black. :| (Blank Stare) 
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wo0oww~Clap Love :happybounce: :happybounce: +fav 
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Yes yes yes, love it!
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A piece of peace....such an great and inspiere work!! :happybounce: Heart Heart 
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omg this is so beautiful , may i download it to put it as my wallpaper ? i love pictures like this ^_^
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Of course you can :) Thank you for your comment !
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Your work is very inspiring! I like how every art piece tells a story behind it's concept, your art makes me want to keep going forward at being a Graphic Designer. I started a design portfolio for me & my girl we're going to start posting Digital Art , 3D-Dimensional & her Photography soon. Keep up your amazing talent my friend, I love seeing amazing art like yours.
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Hello, thank you for your message, 
I am glad to read that my artworks can share so much energy and motivation :p 
I feel really inspired by some artworks from DA artists too :p
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Superb effort. Great artwork
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This is  a beautiful artwork.I m fan.Best Rgds and   Happy New Year by kmygraphic ERIC
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I really love this artwork and the poem! 
Great job. I am thinking of buying it!!
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Thank you so much for your support :O

Merry christmas !
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