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La fable de la girafe

By AquaSixio


>>>>>> Limited Edtion Print ( numbered and signed by me ! ) : HERE<<<<<<<<

The fable of the moon and the giraffe:

Does anyone wonder why the moon has a crescent form?
The giraffe can't sleep because the moonlight keeps her awake!
Every month, she starts eating the moon.
She can't make short work of it, otherwise she might choke...
So, she nibbles pieces, drinking from the clouds sometimes.
After 14 days, the sky is entirely black.
So, the giraffe takes a nap.

Does anyone know why the moon comes back?
Neither the giraffe nor I know why

(written and copyrigted by aquasixio )


La fable de la girafe

Personne ne s’est demandé pourquoi la lune avait la forme d'un croissant ?

En fait, une girafe, gênée par la lumière de la lune, ne pouvait pas dormir.

Et chaque mois, la même histoire, la girafe recommençait à manger la lune,

Mais elle ne pouvait pas en faire une une seule bouchée et risquer de s’étouffer...

Alors, elle grignotait des petits morceaux, en buvant quelques nuages au passage,

Après 14 nuits de ce dur labeur, le ciel était totalement noir.

Alors, la girafe pouvait dormir, enfin.

Personne ne saurait pourquoi la lune revient plus tard ?

Ni la girafe ni moi pouvons le dire… 

( writed and copyrighted by aquasixio )

Time: 38 hours
Software: Photoshop 7
Tool : Mouse
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© 2004 - 2021 AquaSixio
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KanaGo's avatar
Amazing idea!
yainedraws's avatar
I love all of your paintings, but I think this will always be my favorite one. I love this story, and this painting makes me feel something I can't explain. I love it so much, I have loved it for years!
bluegiraffe93's avatar
Neigter do i, i guess so that the giraffe stays bussy lol. - about the moon. The art is brilliant:)
elzataerinn's avatar
I know some people say the moon is made of cheese, but this is taking it too far :D
ThePaintedDogg's avatar
I still have this print in my bedroom. You had a different signature then. It was just "Sixio" in the bottom right corner. Your work continues to floor me. 
Hi AquaSixio!

I am a huge fan of giraffes. I would like to purchase the right to use this image for a custom laptop skin for my 17" laptop. Could we talk?

Thank you for this piece of art -- it is my new favorite!

Oclius's avatar
Make sense!! Love 
Sereida-Arts's avatar
Amazing concept! Love the girrafe!!!
ThePaintedDogg's avatar
I remember a long time ago when I first came to deviantart, I bought a print, and this was the first one I bought. I just found you again after 4 years. Love your work.
TheHardCoreBunny's avatar
The moon is made of cheese! I knew it!
iremgundgdu's avatar
Volinfer's avatar
Stop fckn eating this moon - it'll be dark at night xD
This is totally woth a DD :) Lovely and beautiful art!
Krysder's avatar
This is really good! :D
Blueberries-in-July's avatar
I remember stumbling upon this picture before I even had a deviantart, I've loved it ever since! It's just so sweet and endearing, i smile every time i see it!! La la la la 
Preyote's avatar
AngelruPisces's avatar
No words to describe it just amazing ^-^
Philomoon's avatar
Oooh tu as fait un portrait de moi :D comme c 'est gentil ! non je plaisante. Plus sérieusement  j'adore t'es histoires, elles sont toujours magnifiques et très poétiques je trouve. 
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This was featured in ArtistleFeatures Vol. XIX at Artistle
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work :tea:
FireEyedWolf's avatar
I knew it! That's why they have long necks!
DuchessGala1011's avatar
Wow! That's amazing. I wish my French was that fluent. Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 
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:) Wow, awesome! :iconkimberely:
Lxbo's avatar
Oh my, j'adore tout autant le dessin que la petite fable, franchement bravo *^*
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