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LIBRA from the Dancing Zodiac



Related to my new serie : The dancing Zodiac

The dancing zodiac project by AquaSixio

Time : 12 
h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (1H30) :

WIP : 

 WIP of Dancing Zodiac Libra by AquaSixio

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Fantastic ! Heart +fav Heart 
Wow! This is truly an amazing drawing showing such skill and it entirely potrays the Libra, however, as one myself, I do think that it definitely lacks the sort of magic that surrounds the other zodiacs... When I see this one it gave me sort of sad or lonely vibes, and a lonely girl in a room full of balloons. Still, I believe this is a beautiful way to potray a Libra, just as I said before, it does significantly lack that magical quality.
Still, the drawing is amazing, and I hope you continue to make these artworks! 👍
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The colors really add and strange melancholy air to it for me for some reason, like I'm looking at an old photograph of someone's. I love it!
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As a Libra I have to say I was  disappointed when I saw this. Beautifully executed--the anatomy and light is amazing, but it has no where near the power and feel that the others do. I'd been following the making of the others and loved their mystic portrayals: they were powerful and strong, and portrayed the zodiacs in beautiful ways. They were wonderful and I was so looking forward to seeing Libra's. But then it was just a girl in a room with balloons. It lacked the power and mystic that the others had. So yeah, I just had to say I was disappointed. Amazing art, but not thrilled by it like I was the others...
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This is just my opinion, but there's actually beauty portrayed here. Libra is the symbol of balance and equality, it's not just a girl in a room filled with balloons, it's a girl that represents balance. The balloons scattered across the ground and ceiling show the weight of equilibrium. Everything in the portrait represents Libra! However, I do agree with you that the portrait does lack its mystic feeling, unlike the others, this one didn't have the sense freedom. It was in a confined space and the colors weren't my cup of tea. Looking at this portrait I felt loneliness :(
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I agree with that entirely. It certainly does represent Libra and the skill is amazing, but I agree it does feel confined, and a bit lonely. It was just disappointing to see this after seeing all the other zodiacs so majestically portrayed... 
have to say, I kind of agree 
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Libra's unite!
Awesome scene!
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Very nice!

Still, a libra myself, I have to say that I'd love if the number of balloons on the floor was equal to the ones on the sailing (or maybe if the one she is still holding would be the one that shall bring balance and equilibrium; meaning only one more on the floor). Just a thought.
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I think the colours and the lighting make an amazingly magical atmosphere.
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I'm a Libra. And this is astonishing! I love it c:
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Amazing ligth effects Clap Clap Clap !
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This had to be very hard to draw, anatomy is difficult. I love the lights and colors :heart:
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This is beautiful. I'm proud to be a Libra. 
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It looks amazing, and it kinda fits me too!
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really beautiful Miuna Blushing Icon 
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OMG really gorgeous
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