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It will come off with soap

By AquaSixio


Armless spectator, I never wanted to take a stand,
History outlines require tools to stretch my mind :
Finally politically correct, unfortunately not blind.

Loin de la violence mais au plus près des images,
La guerre déclare sa flamme et au 20 heures sa rage,
Des corps à terre décorent la terre des reportages.

Inevitably, watching the TV news is a daily grind,
It makes no sense, I thank you for being so kind,
I've got something in my eye since you are in a bind.

Dans le miroir d'un ciel de cendre s'égarent les messages,
Et déjà, sur mon écran, pointe un lourd fusil sans visage :
Chaque éclat de bulle renvoie la balle dans l'autre cage.

That's why, j'éteins.

Time : 22 hours
Software : Photoshop CS 2
Tool : Wacom graphire 3

Work in progress :

References : [link] [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 AquaSixio
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I have no words to discribe what I felt the first time I saw it. I just love it for rest of my life. I'm religious, and very humanist. I chose this image to represent where I want to arrive. I saw it for the 1st on YouTube - Psalm 23, E nomine. There are many wonderful pics and scenes, and also an interesting move, called "Waltz with Bashir". That is too many things to process and to fell...

So... I'd like to talk with you... this image is just for free or it depends? I very happy to find its creator and I ask your permision to adopt it as an image of my dream.

Thank you.
Peace and joy.
Léo Vitor
Really powerful...concurring evil with good.
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that gun is so good!
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Marvellous and very expressive
Ça c'est merveilleux!
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This image is just wow.
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Very powerful image<3
hikaru-nara-kheel's avatar
this is insanely powerful.  Amazing job, I really got a good message from it.
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It reminds me of situations in my stupid country. Did you know that a bunch of idiots blew up a church here awhile back? Tons of Christians died. It was just so wrong.
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Absolutelly beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off this piece like for 15 minutes! Amazing work :)
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I really like your art but I've always been bothered by this piece. It comes across as unjustly and naively taking a side; perhaps not your intention but others certainly see it that way. Perhaps if the soldier weren't some faceless depersonalized thing, it would at least come across as a more general anti-war theme (still not great)
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I think the facelessness of this piece is perhaps part of the point. When innocent people, (especially children) die, in the name of war. Does it really matter who's "face" is on the end pointing the gun?

The fact itself is not the message here.

by-grim-energy's avatar
"I think the facelessness of this piece is perhaps part of the point."  ...  I think I indicated that, and if that is the case then I believe I disagree with that point...
I believe there is no such thing as "in the name of war".  Beligerents on both sides have causes... and faces... intentional or not, dehumanizing one side by not even showing its face portrays oversimplification and potentially bias. 

Again, I don't know if that is what this piece was after (maybe the artist merely didn't want to draw an adult soldier's face?).  I simply stated my opinion: that its composition seems to imply, or at least allow, the inference of a bias towards one side.  And I think it is pretty clear that the favored "side" implied is not just "children".

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I know I am not neutral in the artpiece, I know it can hurt some people, I aopologize. I wish to to take the children side, and, as you know, there are children in both side =)
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of all the [thousands of] pictures in my favourites, this one inspires me the most. great work.
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May I use this for a poster for a club that I am in for school called Amnesty International? It's basically a human rights group and I feel like this may be perfect.
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Hello =) If you credit me, you have my permission =)

Thank you for your support !
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Truly amazing artist you are! I wish I had come across your artwork sooner. Beautiful piece. I someday wish that I'll be as good as you.
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I love the message, but no the way you have drawed it, because of that, i can´t put it in my favourites. Nonetheless, i like it. :)
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I really love this and I appreciate the concept a lot :nod:
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