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I don't come from... the air



I don't come from the air 5/6

Without rhyme or reason, the tree birds accompagnied,
From the start of the journey, they have followed the group.
They were free but still here, these three strange birds...
The first never stopped laughing, he said he was the Mad
The second, spread doom and gloom, was called the Sad
and the last one, brutal and proud, claimed to be the Bad.

The Bad was howling " Me, I win the struggle of the gravity "
The Sad was ruminating " Allways the same stupidities ... "
The Mad was wondering " Where are your wings ? Ooooh! "
Beyond this absurd conversation, they agreed to describe
The sky universe, its beauty, the freedom, the vastness,
In all direction, they meant on earth, we were really limited.

Marlon was puzzled listening at the three weird creatures,
He was imagining how could be the reality without gravity
How he could be free from all the constraint of life, in the air...
But, if he was born in this world, like a seed on the fertile earth
There was a reason to take root, the sky is just a colorful dream.
He thanked the birds and lingered arround the fountain to think.

This is the 5th artwork on the serie " I don't come from " relating the journey of Marlon LostRoot

Software : Photosop CS2
Time : 27 hours
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

WIP I don't come from the air

Recapitulation of the serie :

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This just makes me melt! Really a step above, great work.
caoyiwen's avatar
Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech!!!his style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JuanStBrent's avatar
your dark lines are immaculate.
Lady-Akeru's avatar
I was waiting for this!
carucativans's avatar
I love how you us the colors, beautiful!
Abrar-KSA's avatar
i like the water and the drips everywhere
really nice
i am speechless
Marawria's avatar
I see on your page that you use a tablet but I never see much Pen pressure being used, do you use pen pressure often?
AquaSixio's avatar
I allways use the pressure =) I can't draw without :p
yustiks's avatar
like Salvador Dali:
AquaSixio's avatar
I like the surrealism of Dali =)
karkooz's avatar
Love the zero gravity in this one!
Shadowelve's avatar
Oh wow, awesome details :D I love the elephant most :love:
kalihora's avatar
başarılı, renkler kompozisyon çok hoş (:
PoisonedLemonade's avatar
fucking awesome as always :)
decemberdecember's avatar
gorgeous colors and movement, i love it!
kampfly's avatar
love this series :heart: it's just so adorable
SLN-signa's avatar
Very beautiful. It makes me think of the scene in Dumbo when he gets "drunk". Tehee~
As always, lovely work, congrats =)
Surehuinel's avatar
meimei808's avatar
this is my favorite!
Stryder1234's avatar
Faved. Absolutely beautiful. <3
Sireih's avatar
Wow! You just keep amazing me with this series. It's absolutely gorgeous.<3
LittleTemper's avatar
I love the elephant
doublethefun's avatar
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