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I don't come from.. an ocean



First drawing : [link] I don't come from a city 1/6
Second drawing : [link] I don't come from a jungle 2/6

The third part : Marlon's tree serie : 3/6

The dark cat belonged to an old fisherman,
who is dead today, but the cat can't forget...
" How the life on the ocean was an ideal.
Fish at will, with a wind patting your body,
in the silence of a wave, you fell asleep
and you woke up to trample down a new land.

Your small craft swings and dances,
on the ocean's outbursts of temper.
You have a ringside seat for the meeting
whe the sun relieves the moon once again,
Kissing by the sun to open your eyes,
hugging by the moonlight to be tucked in."

But Marlon knew the cat was wrong about the ocean.
Life on a boat is a life without anchoring,
Everything leaves to drift, confused by winds
A tree needs water, but is useless without earth.
" Thank you, sincerely, but I don't come from an ocean... "
"A goat might know where you could be comfortable
-Follow me."

Time: 24 hours
Software: Photoshop cs2
Character: Marlon LostRoot
Print : available
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© 2007 - 2021 AquaSixio
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C'est Magnifique et l'histoire est très belle ! Y a-t-il la 6è et dernière partie quelque part ? 
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very very nice
Hi, do you mind if i use this picture for my album ? i will give you a free copy :D
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If you credit me (Cyril ROLANDO - Aquasixio ) , I could  agree =)

My album still wont be out for a while but im pretty sure when it eventually does i'm gonna use yours. If that is still ok with you. im a rapper those are just some beats i made on soundcloud. all free downloads if you want anny.

just wanted to make sure its ok i am using your picture since it has been so long.

Thanks Brandon
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That's ok for me, thank you for asking the permission :)
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Absolutely magnificent work and fill in. <3 It takes e to a different world. I would love this as a poster.
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Your shading style is amazing!
I really love the composition here. :clap:
Nicely done!
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Such an interesting piece of work! Really looks great! :)
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:jawdrop: THIS IS AESOME!!!
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Wow alors ça c'est vraiment splendide! C'est carrément époustouflant; quel talent! Bravo à toi :clap:
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Very pretty work. :)

Maybe not an in-depth comment, but it's just a nice picture to look at.
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I love the colors you used for this piece, and how effectively they set the mood. Excellent work!

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Oh, I loooove how you did the waves, this is so.... majestic! :D
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Please continue this story, I love it and would love to see the rest
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beautiful effects with the light on the waves

u have a very nice gallery, by the way ^^
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Any chance I would be able to use this picture in a book a friend and I are publishing? Your work will be credited to you with your name in the book by the picture. We are publishing a coffee table book on the ocean and we really need visuals for it. Also, I was wondering about the text. It would be really cool to have the left page with the text and the right page with the picture. Please let me know. Thank you. If you have any questions please message me.
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If it's credited, I am glad to give you the permission to use it =) (inclunding the text)
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Thank you very much ^_^ And yes, your work will absolutely be credited to you.
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