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I don't come from...a jungle



First drawing : [link] I don't come from a city 1/6

The second part : Marlon's tree serie : 2/6

The elephant led the group to the discovery of his land :

" Here we are, welcome to my african jungle,
You might be wondering, why these chains ?
We had to chain up the trees like this,
entire sections of jungle were immigrating,
to flee the humans who were teething.

We borrowed human chains to preserve,
the few trees remaining, our Own Eden.
Nowhere the life flourishes passionately.
Trees are tangled to form a giant net
which is our home : a Chaos of freedom. "

But Marlon knew the elephant was wrong about the jungle.
How could he live in a place where trees are disappearing ?
Actually, Marlon searched where he could set his roots,
he was afraid about the perspective to have a nomad life.
" Thank you, sincerely, but I don't come from a jungle... "
The cat was smilling and added " Might I help you, Marlon ?"

Time: 29 hours
Software: Photoshop cs2
Character: Marlon LostRoot
Print : available
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© 2007 - 2021 AquaSixio
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I love it! The picture and the story!
Popotita's avatar
:) linda historia 
zaccool14's avatar
so amazing color
RukiaNakato's avatar
Magnifique ! j'adore ces couleurs, et le thème est également très intéressant ( je viens de voir que tu parlais français ! :) )
AquaSixio's avatar
Merci pour tout tes commentaires, ca donne envie de continuer =)
Yuccuska's avatar
It's so beautiful... i ike the story, it makes me smile
scratchback's avatar
This makes me happy to look at. It's so warm and cozy and beautiful. I love the lighting.
tsubame-33's avatar
i love the mood brought together by the lighting and coloring. its also very cute :aww: expertly done!
PhotoshopJedi's avatar
nice, I am recruiting for a new compilation book of fantasy sci fi art. I am looking for a few hundred pieces all together. If you are interested let me know
there is a faq and specs for what I need in the posts below the header of the main page (scroll down)

craig musselman

(ps. if I don't get back to you in 48 hours try again)
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Haha, I was luck to find your gallery today, it's beautiful, amazing and inspiring =D Loved the idea behind the chains and how they looked like at the pic.
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you for your comment =)
how did you do this in photoshope??
is verry cool!
AquaSixio's avatar
Yes =) Thank you !
Texeo's avatar
the series is beautiful
Winged-Dragoness's avatar
What it 's wonderful...
Mudkin's avatar
Great mood here!
Raqueru's avatar
it's realy cute :D
LEQUARK's avatar
superbe lumière!
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I would really love to write in French, but honestly I suck at it, so here it goes...

I think a friend of mine would buy this painting without blinking: her own personal draw "trademark" is an elephant in the same position as you draw yours :D

The "I don't come from..." series although small is just beautiful. Congratulations for your brilliant work, and from now you'll have to be very careful: you're being attentively watched by me :XD:
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your work has been featured here- [link]
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This chapter is both wonderful and sad at once.
AprilA's avatar
Great. The lights and colors. Beautiful
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Thank you for all your comments =)
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