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It's a simple bewitchment,
You can't escape the trap,
If you touch on the strings,
The puppeteer own you.

French :

C'est un parfait envoutement,
Tu ne peux échapper au piège,
Si tu effleures une des cordes,
Tu es tout à la marionnetiste.

Time : 23 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video of the first steps of the coloring part : [link]

Work in progress :

In the same serie :
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Do you do original commissions?

If so, what are your rates?

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The way the violin is drawn is magnificent!!! The only thing I noticed is the F hole and how I can't see it..... Everything else is so beautiful and it is making me feel jealous!!!! I wish I could draw a voilin like that!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤😻😺😸🎻
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very nice linework, all of the hair and vines create visual interest. i like the warm and dark colors you used as well!
You are very talented - thank you for those impressions. They are wonderful and enlighting my world. 
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I must say, these are simply amazing. I love them.
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Very Pretty ! Love the colors and lighting. Great composition. 💥❤️
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Is that a poem you wrote, or are those words from a song?
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I C. Lovely picture AND poetry!
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This is utterly perfect. It captures the character of the instrument beautifully.
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I can't even describe how much I like this work!
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My favorite of this series so far :D
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Quelle belle œuvre d'art! J'aime le contraste des couleurs plus sombres au premier plan, les plus lumineuses dans le fond et en general, la lueur rose.
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gorgeous indeed :D (Big Grin) La la la la Nod 
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As a violin player, I find this pleasantly accurate. :D Good work! 
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I adore your stuff!!!!
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Hello! I would like to notify you that I've featured you on my surreal and abstract art blog over on Tumblr. Your work really fits the theme, and you can see it on Of course, I have given you credit and linked to your page. If for any reason you don't want it published any longer, just send me a message and I'll delete it pronto. Thanks, and congratulations! Your art is beautiful. Please note: If you don't see your art right away on my blog, it is probably still in the queue and has yet to be posted.

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Thank you so much for your support ! There is no problem for me, you have my permission :)
Thank you again !
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