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Face the unknown



Time : 12h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC

Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video :…

WIP : 


WIP of Face the Unknown by AquaSixio

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© 2014 - 2021 AquaSixio
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beautiful!! magical!!!

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the color makes it look like a magical place!! it really reminds me of Disney land. The pink lighting on top really was a nice touch. I really like how well all the color flows so well together. it showed me how well pink and blue go so well together!! your art work is a big stand out and i cant wait to see more from you in the future!!!!
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Nice style. This picture is amazing <3
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Rocks... :) I love the way you give the message. So beautiful Heart 
aris-espe's avatar
took me awhile to realize the stone formation is shaped like hands.
I love this scene.
Azur-Wing's avatar
Beautiful and lovely! Love 
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Whoa, are the rocks shaped like a pair of hands? THATS SO COOL :D
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:omg: This is so beautiful Wow! :love:
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And there, where we won’t meet, our silhouets were forgotten.

But someone alike is finding the sunrise.

They stand still, they laugh, they have all and they have nothing.

They will touch each other and will wake up the dream.

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J'aime beaucoup ta poésie
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Very nice! Thumbs up!
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Very sweet!! I love it! 
Very clever.
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I love this so much
zandonadi's avatar
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Stunning, the colours are fantastic
A-Long-Way-Off's avatar
All of your art is so beautiful.
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Stunning <3
PigeonLuffa's avatar
I have found your work just now and I can't stop drooling in awe.
S-A-Diamond's avatar
I think it's really neat how the rocks are also holding hands. The detail of the foliage is amazing.
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:) Wow, awesome! :iconkimberely:
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Love it! Such a beautiful and brilliant capture of what it means to be with someone
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