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Evanescent sunrise



:bulletblue: The fragile dawn is coming.
Like the stars when the night fading,
Little by little... the plane is vanishing.

The northstar was an airplane.
Now, your are back home.
Good luck Daphne.

:bulletblue: That's is the end of the Daphne's serie.
Happy End, isn't it ?
As for me I think it's an happy end.

The serie started with an illustration done for a music group called "The northstar is an airplane "
I created the character "Daphne" , who was supposed to be lost, and looking for the northstar.

----> 1) The end of the serie takes place during the sunrise, but the serie started in the night.
[link] Daphne was sat on a well, stared at the plane. Daphne asked her way, the plane came unhooked, and she left the well, then she have begun to follow it...

-----> 2) And, she followed the plane, running and running, traveling through the place.
[link] for instance, she was running in the ruins of an odd city.

-----> 3) [link] She came running up to here, up to the dead end, actually. The exit was close at hand, she tried to reach the gate, or the strange light, below...

:bulletblue: You might remember I started this pic just for the tutorial thing, so if you are curious, check the birth of the drawing in the tutorial. [link]

:bulletblue: Time: 24 hours
Software: Photoshop 7
Character: Daphne
Print: Available
Mouse Pad: Available
Puzzle: Available
Postcard: Available
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Ooh I love the ending it's beautiful
Ombre-pluie's avatar
c'est magnifique.
So inspiring sir :)
SparkleKimera's avatar
And this was made with a mouse
lexxi185's avatar
Your work is stunning!!!  I think I've fainted. 
Someone-Else79's avatar
Vraiment très beau .....
Glimmercat's avatar
This is so beautiful.  I'd like to feature it in my blog with a credit back to your dA page here, if you'd be okay with that.  Let me know.  :)
AquaSixio's avatar
You have my permission, thank you so much :)
Glimmercat's avatar
raresunshinegirl's avatar
I find myself in this work of yours.. Serenity! thank you.
ObsidianCube's avatar
A serene atmosphere. It's really nice. :)
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you for all your comments ! :p
ObsidianCube's avatar
No need to thank me. :D Thank you for making such awesome art!
Cosmi2's avatar
Can I just say that you're probably my favorite artist on here? You're not only extremely talented, but your creativity is entirely unique. Your art is visually stunning and thought-provoking. I absolutely love you.
AquaSixio's avatar
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You're welcome ^_^
hirondelle69's avatar
beautiful light, i love it
MikiyoOo's avatar
This beautifull piece got featured here: [link]
FinalFantasyType-0's avatar
Kind of reminds me of LIMBO...with the beginning of the game and the ending, specifically. How the boy jumps into the sailboat among the marshes...and how he finds his sister at the end of the game under a treehouse...dunno. But this looks really amazing!
AquaSixio's avatar
I love this game too ^^
FinalFantasyType-0's avatar
Such a weird, depressing, incredible game, huh?
AquaSixio's avatar
And quite hard, but I like when it isn't easy =)
FinalFantasyType-0's avatar
It was the perfect level of difficulty. The trial-and-error structure of the game integrated well with the idea of "LIMBO"
I'm hoping we'll get a sequel!
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