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Don't trash your dreams



Don't trash your dreams, they deserve a better lot, another goal,
I know it's hard, long, and sometimes, the result is disappointing,
But, don't trash them, talk about what you expect from the world,
Talk about your hates, your fears, your perplexity, your wishes,...

Please, don't trash your ideas, you hide treasures in your head,
You forget to breathe, you are snuffing out the flame in you,
Don't give up, please, you are a working of the human evolution,
We are young, we need to evolve and you are one of our echos...

Singing about you is singing about us, hustle and open our mind,
Don't trash your dreams, you'll get bored and make war to have fun,
Poeple will be blind, obsessed by power and ready-made thoughts.
Sheeps will govern the world and you will dream of grass and grass.

And I don't want to be a sheep !

Time : 28 hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Work In Progress :

Watch the video of the first steps : [link]
Watch the second video of the work in progress : [link]
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Such a clever idea, and the art is just gorgeous:)
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cool and thanks that i quite inspiring after the day i have had 
rai445's avatar
Your work are inspiring and relatable. ❤
love this, thanks!
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Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to concentrate on playing the saxophone as much - and then I saw this painting and it made me cry, because of the saxophone in the water. Thanks for making this amazing artpiece! All of your art is so soothing and inspiring.
Vova5's avatar
This is such alive, warm and at the same time is a mighty water; it is like billions
of other people's desires, which together destroy our just one so easily, and only
these balloons hover over all of this, keeping their commitment to the dream... I
wish you to hold on for your balloon very firmly, or to be one of these balloons.
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do give up on yourself or your dreams.
chelamasen's avatar
Lovely image and the words are powerful!!! Are they your words?? 
bennartistic's avatar
great concept with a powerful message!
UnbearableME's avatar
il stil keep trashing but thanks for the message anyway:/
My-Colorful-Tears's avatar
Wow! This inspires me to hold onto my dreams! :)
dreamyana's avatar
this is absolutely brilliant :heart:
shagoo93's avatar
Wow I watched the video on YouTube
Great work too.
namuru's avatar
this is very touching somehow
this is a masterpiece
Daid-27's avatar
Beautiful picture, and I love the description.... I was feeling down and this actually helped. 
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Something to remember
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