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This is quite my current feeling... 
I am quite sorry to neglect my art hobby since some months but it's harder that I thought to be a father :p

I have so few time for me... but I have a lot of happiness :)
Thank you for your support, anyways !

Time : 13 h00 hours
Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

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A tree clock. Nice !!!! Great artwork

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I really dig that tree clock!

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This looks so amazing! The lighting and the blue colors look magnificent~ :)
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Normal, une partie de toi et donc de ton côté artistique est mort en même temps que tu sois devenu père. J'suis d'ailleurs assez étonnée de voir à quel point tes créations sont restées belles, même après ça.
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you have no idea how cool that would actually be if it were real
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I'm blown away by your work.
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This is definitely Pisces... Very beautiful! :D (Big Grin) 
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So serene, and the colors go together beautifully!
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Yeah life always gets in the way of hobbies... but responsibilities are important too. Congratulation :D
& beautiful piece of art, as always.
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May God Bless you!.....We all dont have time for our messed up in everything...but you said happiness....thats means you gained alot!
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Beautiful artwork...and congratulations on being a father!!!  Hopefully the kids will end up liking art as much as you do!
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Such a lovely mix of blue tones, nice idea and stunning art <D
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Yep, that pretty much describes my reading time. I'm set into another world than my own, while time slowly ticks on by. 
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This... you may forgotten.. but part of it is part of "The magician" 
It even has tv presents. Not that the entiere piece isnt genuine.. 
But it may be inspired by it  abit.
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I can't stop to look at this. It is truly amazing!
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This is so stunning <3
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Amazing work!!! *w*
I love the images with water Love 
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wow I really love it ^-^
So creative! Wish I had such ideas xD
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Beautifully enchanting <3
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absolutely love it!!! the feeling i get when I'm lost in a book!
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Left me awestruck, love it! :D
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