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Blowing bubbles WIP

Currently : 18 hours ( on the 31 oct 2009). Real size of the artwork : 6000 x 4800 pixels

Final and print soon available.

More Step by step available on my FaceBook page :


Photshop cs2
wacom tablet grahire 3
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Oh my, I've found you! I like this picture so much, I've finally found the author! And you have cool tutorials, that's awesome!
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That's really cool
It truly shows that we don't need to worry about rough painting..... just keep going with the flow & will be finally great..
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I think the same =) Sometimes I just lack of motivation, but everything is possible if you are persevering =)
Yeah.... the inspiration and motivation are the key ingredients of digital painting.
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amazing, I Love your work :)
I love your work, and the message behind. I dream every night, and that is probably why I find your work fascinating.
I would like to know if is possible to describe some of my dreams, so you can put them into a picture. If possible let me know prices.
Thank you, Ana
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It would be a great idea ^^ but I realized that I can achieve a artpiece only if it comes from me (the inside of me), that's why I am just hobbyist =) So, sorry, it won't be possible, but thank you very much for your sincere support !
In other words, I cannot use any of your pictures to create my own art is that right?
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its really awesome like a dream made visible
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vary goog i like
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This is beautiful!
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A very,......great work!!!
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Wow , I loved !
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I love how you did this...
being under water/pressure is so disorientating.

.s2. the analogy works

bendz perception like sleep
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I bought this print a few weeks ago, I love it so much!!
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Thank you so much.... I am glad you appreaciate my artwork/ :O
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amazing amazing piece

I love it :rose:
Really love it(:
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