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After the rain

By AquaSixio
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>>>>>> Limited Edtion Print ( numbered and signed by me ! ) : HERE<<<<<<<<

To get across the water,
I could draw a rainbow.
To calm your loud sobs,
I could draw a sun.
To ease your sorrow,
I could draw a pathway.

Over each river is a bridge.

Time : 11 hours
Software : Photoshop CC

Video :

Inspiration : 
Woman crying

Work In Progress : 

WIP of After the rain by AquaSixio
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There is a member on here by the name "Jaidenanimat" that is claiming this piece as their own, just found it, thought you'd want to know. It's too beautiful for the true artist not to get credit.


Breathtaking conception :D :clap:

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Really awesome image. Are you on Fiverr?, I am interested in art like this

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This is absolutely beautiful
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I love this art could I possibly turn this into an acrylic painting?

Very cool.  Thank you for the WIP and video as well, those are helpful to those of us new to the digital process.
Kawaiikat2306's avatar
Whooooooooaaah! This is amazing! If i had the money i'd get a copy!
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at first glance i thought the way was supposed to look like glasses. 
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BEAUTIFUL  WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:wow: Such imagination, it's beautiful :)
mastah-yeiyn's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous.  I love the details like the rounded strokes around the eyes, the overall color tones, and the figure wandering in wonder.
fenbayy's avatar
beautifuulllllll <3
AJ-the-Gamer's avatar
Nice! Interesting perspective on the human face. I never really imagined some natural scenery fitting together with it. Very creative indeed!
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Abs beautiful art:)
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hey, is your website down? Six Inside?
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O, mother nature, the progress we humans so claimed, are to you, non but the sufferings and agony....
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it is magnific. i like how the light of the sun reflected on the eye.
i'm looking throw your gallery, you have a wonderful and beautiful imagination to make such amazing images. good work :-)
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I didn't know but I favored someone else that stole your work!! I'm glad to finally favorite the real artist of this work!! Major props on your great work!! Amazing!!👍🏻✌🏻️😃🎨👽🖖🏾🤗
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